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The Technology Behind T.ur

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The Technology Behind T.ur

The Technology Behind T.urBorn from the Tucano Urbano experience built up over twenty years, T.ur is inspired by the spirit of legendary rallies, blended with cutting edge technology to give it a distinctive style; vintage from a distance, technical and modern close-up.

Characterised by high-quality materials, thermal comfort, CE-certification and advanced ergonomics, the laminated T.ur kit – the J-ZERO jacket and P-ZERO trousers – offers the latest in kit technology. Explore the technology behind the brand…

The SuperFabric® technology takes fabric and overlays it with a highly resistant epoxy resin, offering superior protection in the areas it’s needed most, without compromising flexibility or comfort. The J-ZERO jacket features SUPERFABRIC® inserts on the elbows, whilst the P-ZERO trousers have inserts on the knees. When compared to heavyweight aramids, the SUPERFABRIC® inserts provide fifteen times the abrasion resistance and over five times the cut resistance, as well as being highly resistant to punctures and flame retardant.

With high-quality materials at the core of all products, T.ur uses heavy-duty CORDURA® fabric that not only provides high resistance to abrasion and tearing but thanks to the external deep water repellent treatment that’s joined to the inner membrane, also provides excellent water resistance. The J-ZERO jacket features Oxford 600 CORDURA® fabric across the shoulders and outer sleeves – the most exposed areas – for enhanced resistance, whilst the inner leg and rear of the P-ZERO trousers features Oxford 1000 CORDURA® with the crotch in laminated bi-elastic CORDURA® polyamide for comfort.

One of the first brands to do so, T.ur has adopted the most advanced D3O® protectors ever: the D3O® LP2 PRO – Level 2. Thanks to the tri-ventilation technology, the new D3O® protectors offer 45% more ventilation compared to traditional D3O®, along with superior flexibility for a fit that feels like a second skin. D3O® absorbs and dissipates the energy from impacts to greatly reduce the amount of force transmitted to the body, and the LP2 protectors feature in both the J-ZERO jacket as standard on the shoulders and elbows, plus a pocket to fit the D3O® Viper Pro back protector, and for the P-ZERO trousers, there are D3O® LP2 protectors for the knees as standard, with pockets for hip armour.

Whilst the design of the J-ZERO and P-ZERO has been crafted with maximum ventilation in mind, T.ur products also feature superior thermal insulation utilising Thermore® thermal booster technology. Designed to provide riders with continuous, constant and long-lasting warmth, the Thermore® thermal booster is intelligent padding so the colder the temperature gets, the warmer the jacket – increasing the performance by up to 20% as the temperature drops. With a long-lasting anti-pilling treatment and easy to wash, the Thermore® technology features in the removable liners within T.ur products so they’re suitable for year-round wear.

All T.ur products adopt Tucano Urbano’s patented HYDROSCUD® technology, a high-performance material treatment that ensures the rider stays 100% protected from the elements, like rain, wind and snow, thanks to its watertight construction and taped seams, as well as remaining comfortable with high levels of breathability.

For more information, please visit www.t-ur.com

The Technology Behind T.ur#TURiders

T.ur is a motorcycle clothing and accessory brand developed to accompany the most demanding motorcyclist on their journeys and adventures on two wheels. Born from the twenty-year experience of Tucano Urbano, T.ur makes highly specialised products available to travellers, which stand out for their high quality, thermal and ergonomic comfort and CE certified protection. T.ur, thanks to its distinctive sophisticated style, makes a name for itself on the motorcycle scene with a unique design.

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