The UK’s Top Motocross riders test K-tech Suspension

The UK’s Top Motocross riders testing the K-tech Suspension prepared KTM 125 & Husqvarna FC450.

K-tech Suspension took two motocross bikes, the KTM 125 2 Stroke and the Husqvarna FC450 4 stroke, replaced the air forks with a coil spring conversion and new damper unit…

Upgraded the WP rear shock with a bladder conversion and new damping system…throw in a K-Tech progressive linkage on the Husky…

Get the UK’s Top Motocross riders to test them at Fat Cats and see the results… easier to maintain, more adjustment and a lot more plush….fancy it?

Then contact K-tech Suspension – [email protected] 0044 (0) 1283 559 000 #motocross #fatcats #ktm #Husqvarna #fatcats #suspension

For more information on K-tech Suspension products visit

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