Thunderbolt – The Ultimate Motorcycle Cleaning WipesUnlimited Passion introduces a waterless way to clean a bike anywhere.

• No water or equipment required – clean anywhere, any time

• Save time – nothing to unpack or pack away, no drying time

• Save money – no need for numerous products

• Look better for longer – THUNDERBOLT repels dust, dirt and water

• Two tub sizes available – 35 or 80 wipes (£22.99, £32.99)

For riders who want to spend more time riding and less on cleaning, THUNDEBOLT cleaning wipes offer a gleaming showroom finish straight from a tub.

Brought to you by Unlimited Passion – the specialist automotive cleaning products company – THUNDERBOLT is a new generation, premium all-in-one cleaning solution for riders. The cleaning wipes are easily portable and negate the use of water as the product degreases, removes bugs and tar spots, washes, waxes, polishes and protect – all in one wipe.

Safe to use on any surface other than braking systems and the surface of the tyre, the wipes come drenched in a special formula with nano technology that lubricates the surface and encapsulates solid particles to prevent scratching. This same formula is then bonded to the surface as a protective and anti-static coating when the Technical Microfibre cloth (included) is used. With just two to three wipes needed to completely clean a bike from top to bottom, the result in an amazing finish in seconds without streaks and this coating repels dirt and water in order to make cleaning easier the next time.

As well as removing the need for many other automotive cleaning products, such as degreaser, bug remover, tar remover, wash, wax, polish, metal / chrome cleaner, white wall tyre cleaner and glass polish, THUNDERBOLT can be used on all manner of vehicles. With over 30 applications, the wipes can also be put to use on riding kit, such as helmets, visors and to clean and protect leathers, boots and gloves.

THUNDERBOLT comes in two tub sizes; 35 (£22.99) or 80 (£32.99) wipes. The latter size is enough to clean an average sized motorcycle 25-30 times.

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1: The THUNDERBOLT Wipe is specifically constructed to trap sediment and particles in the body of the wipe. 2: The special formula lubricates the surface on contact, penetrates stubborn filth and encapsulates any particles remaining on the surface. The lubrication prevents friction with the surface.

3: The Technical Microfibre is manufactured to work precisely with THUNDERBOLT. The ‘short pile’ side is to clean and remove contaminated formula from the surface. The ‘long pile’ side is to buff the surface to perfection. The buffing activates the antistatic nano coating.