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Having expensive assets is a great achievement for many rich people. It explains why some will purchase old paintings, vehicles, property among other assets for millions of dollars. For many it’s about showing off recently acquired monies (for example after winning a lottery) while others want to attain a status quo. Motorcycles are hardly regarded as expensive assets; instead it is cars that are considered as such. However, over time motorcycles have also entered this bracket as manufacturers continue to develop overpriced bikes. Surprisingly, each year has a new rendition of motorcycles from different brands. It is this trend that encourages the production of expensive bikes as manufacturers seek to outdo each other. Here are 10 super bikes rich people would purchase:

Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter

When the super bike was first auctioned, its buying price was $110,000. However, the price skyrocketed when Neiman Marcus advertised the bike for its innovative design and resemblance to clockwork. The unique feature sent its price sprawling to a whopping $11 million making it the most expensive super bike in the market. If you win the lotto, the bike can be an excellent buy.

AJS Porcupine 1949 E90 Super Bike

You are right the motorcycle was made in 1949 but costs $7 million. What makes it extremely expensive is that it is a limited edition. The manufacturer made four units only and the famous Les Graham won the 1949 world championship on this bike. It also has a unique construction that of aluminum alloy with a DOHC twin-engine.

Ecosse ES1 Spirit

The motorcycle is the third most expensive retailing at $3.6 million. Its exclusivity makes this motorcycle extremely expensive as the manufacturer has produced only 10 bikes of the titanium construction retailing at this price. The bike packs adequate power to meet any racer’s riding needs as it attains a maximum speed of 370 km.

Hildebrand & Wolfmuller

A compelling factor that makes rich people spend millions of money on an item is its exclusivity, and the Hildebrand & Wolfmuller motorcycle does not disappoint. Retailing at $3.5 million, the bike was first produced in 1894 hence the rarest kind in history.

BMS Nehmesis

If you have an eye for golden items, the BMS Nehmesis is an excellent buy. The motorcycle retails at $3 million thanks to its unique yellow glitter that comprises 24 karat of gold. The bike has an air-ride system which when used along with the single-sided swing-arm rear suspension lifts the motorcycle 10 inches high or lower it to the ground.

Harley Davidson Cosmic Motorcycle

Harley Davidson in partnership with Jack Armstrong a famous cosmic artist applied red and yellow paint over a Harly V-rod hence the unique hues. It is this uniqueness that increased this bike’s price to $1 million after much advertising around the world.

Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike

This bike has four wheels strangely fitted and is designed to use a V10 four-stroke Viper engine. Dodge Tomahawk superbike was introduced in 2003. At the time it was operational but the manufacturer had not tested it on the road. It is capable of 60 mph in 25 seconds and can reach speeds as high as 400 mph. The bike retails at $550,000.

Ducati Desmosedic D16RR NCR M16

Initially, the manufacturer introduced Desmosedici D16RR which retailed at $72,500. Later he reworked the motorcycle to produce a lighter and more powerful machine, the NCR Millona 16 that retails at $232,500. Without gas, the M16 weighs 145 kg which is lighter than the 330lb regulation for four-cylinder bikes.

The bike has a carbon fiber construction on all its parts including the wheels, frame, the swingarm, tail, fairing, and the fuel tank. Its mechanical parts (bolts) are however made of titanium. While a stock 989cc V-4 Ducati motor delivers 175 horsepower to the rear wheel, the NCR has designed the bike to deliver over 200 hp on tarmac. What’s more, the new MotoGP suspension helps it to power down. The

Harley Davidson Hub Less Bike

This motorcycle rides on hub-less wheels. As such, unlike regular motorcycles, the Harley Davidson bike does not have spokes. The bike has an aluminum construction and its brake system is integrated into the wheels. It is this unique build that makes the Harley Davidson retail at $155,000.

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