Turner Twins take Zero Motorcycles to the Iberian Pole

Turner Twins take Zero Motorcycles to the Iberian Pole 1

Twins and storied travellers Hugo and Ross Turner have made a name for themselves over the years by travelling to the most inaccessible places around the world and then finding out new information about the local environment. The Turner Twins have been embarking on incredible expeditions to the “poles of inaccessibility” which are the most inland points of continents or landmasses – so far they have ticked off places like Australia’s Red Pole, North America and Greenland to name a few and they always return home with fascinating tales to tell.

The Iberian Pole
Most recently, the twins embarked on a challenging mission to the Iberian Pole which is the centre point of the Iberian Peninsula in the Toledo province of Spain. This epic journey saw the experienced travellers start in central London and work their way through France, over the Pyrenees and into Spain covering 2,534 km in one week. Additionally, this was all done on fully electric motorcycles which makes them one of the first to do a long-distance trip on an electric bike.

Electric Bikes
The twins are always looking for ways to give back and connect with the environment in which they are travelling through so travelling on zero bikes came as no surprise to many. They were pleasantly surprised with the performance of the bikes throughout the trip and believe that electric technology is the way forwards.

The bikes were capable of going from 50km per hour to 130 in seconds and they were able to handle the different types of terrain that the twins encountered throughout the trip. This has proven that electric bikes are not just for use in the city and they are perfectly capable of travelling large distances in one day. Additionally, the twins noted that the silence that you get from an electric bike as opposed to the road of a regular motorbike helped them to focus and feel connected to the environment around them.

Challenging Conventions in Style
The Turner Twins have always loved any chance to challenge convention and they have certainly done this with the Iberian Pole challenge. They also looked the part with boots, trousers and waxed nylon cotton motorcycle jackets all made by iconic brand Belstaff. Belstaff is a brand that are passionate about travel, adventure and a bold spirit so they were the perfect pairing for the twins on this unique adventure.

The journey to the Iberian Pole was an incredible adventure and there are some amazing photos that document the trip to check out. Hopefully, this will also encourage more people to try electric motorbikes and enjoy the thrill that you get with these vehicles while reducing damage to the environment. This was just the latest in the Turner Twins’ adventures and it will be fascinating to see where they go next and what conventions they will be challenging.Turner Twins take Zero Motorcycles to the Iberian Pole 2

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