2020 has been a particularly challenging year, due to the health emergency that also forced Nolangroup to close its plants in Brembate di Sopra for approximately two months. However, despite the sudden halt to business and the resulting difficulties, the Company has managed to react with its characteristic strength and determination.

Positive results have been achieved in terms of production and research and development, as well as from an economic and financial point of view. In the second quarter of 2020, Nolangroup achieved record figures, with an increase in sales of +20.42% compared to 2019, bringing turnover to 40.2 million euros for 2020, EBITDA of 5.5 million, compared to 4.5 in 2019, and earnings before tax of 2.1 million euros. These results have been achieved thanks to a significant surge in the market in the quarter from May to August, rendering Two-Wheel mobility safer and more practical.

The ability of the number-one manufacturer in Europe, with more than 350,000 helmets per year, to face up to this difficult period was once again thanks to the contribution of its 340 employees, who worked in complete safety in the production plants in Brembate di Sopra. Of particular importance was the corporate campaign “RIMETTIAMO IN MOTO L’ITALIA” promoted by Nolangroup and aimed at lending support to the Italian people and the country’s economy, as well as the world of “Made in Italy” production, which lends added value to the Company.

Two New Models For The 2021 Collection (x-1005 And N90-3)Yet 2020 has also been characterised by innovation for Nolangroup, which, with its cutting-edge Research and Development department, came up with two new models for the 2021 collection: The N90-3 and the X-1005.

The N90-3 is Nolan’s entry level full-face flip-up helmet, while the X-1005, also available in the Ultra Carbon version, is the flip-up helmet from X-lite, the result of a significantly revolutionised design approach aimed at offering the best possible combination of Nolan and X-lite’s experience.

Two New Models For The 2021 Collection (x-1005 And N90-3)As well as these two models, Nolangroup is also presenting studied graphics and colours for 2021 in line with current trends, thanks to the particularly focused work of the internal Design division. Special attention has been dedicated to the N21 (Nolan’s mini-jet) and the X-803 RS Ultra Carbon, X-lite’s “racing” full-face helmet, which owes its success to the experience gained in the competition sector, with the precious contribution of the Racing Department and the #Nolanriders.
Two New Models For The 2021 Collection (x-1005 And N90-3)The N-Com (Nolan Communication Systems) division has also widened its range, presenting the B902 X series (compatible with X-lite models), as well as the B902L R series and B902 R series (both compatible with Nolan models) for 2021, high-quality, unrivalled audio quality and the utmost comfort. N-Com products are also certified for installation in Nolangroup helmets in compliance with the new ECE 22-06 standard due to come into force in the near future.

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