A bike race is thrilling to watch as several riders zoom off the start line at immense speeds, make outrageous bends, maneuver each other, some falling along the way until the winner makes it to the finish line. Although it may look overly risky to us, these riders love every bit of what they do.

Do race bike drivers share similar traits? If they do, what are those traits? Finally, how can you tell a person who has the traits to become a great biker? This post seeks to answer these questions.

  • Passion

There’s one thing every great race bike driver shares in common: an undying love for their bike and the game. They love their bike to the fullest and take care of it with fervor. The relation they have with their bike is comparable to the relationship a cowboy has with his loyal horse.

Before a person can be a great race bike driver, he or she must first demonstrate a strong passion for the game.

  • Acute Rider Sensitivity

Driving a car is very different from riding a motorbike. Aside from the inherent stability and safety of cars, drivers can afford to be inattentive to the road as they drive. On the other hand, motorcycles are not as safe or stable. To compensate for that, riders need to have a keen sense of awareness to keep track of their surroundings in real-time.

Acute situational awareness of one’s riding environment means being able to evade bad riding circumstances, by making quick but safe maneuvers. A person that is highly aware of what’s going on around will make for a good biker.

  • Adventurous

Bikers love adventure, with fearless motorcycle racers hitting up to 220 mph. As you probably know, any small mistake can have a serious impact. But why would anyone do that knowing the inherent risks? Well, it has to do with the thirst for adventure, the drive to do new things, the push to break their limits.

Conservative people that are generally risk-averse are unlikely to make great race bike drivers. On the other land, risk-seeking individuals eager to push themselves over their limits tend to make great bikers.

Risk-taking psychological tests can be used to measure how willing a person is to incur risks.

  • Clear-mindedness

There are a lot of things to keep track of while in a motorcycle racing contest; from quick maneuverability to watching warning flags to maintenance and more. That’s why keeping a clear mind is key to minimize the likelihood of accidents. This also explains why drugs and alcohol are frowned at.

Drug tests can be used to determine if a person is a drug addict or not. Drug or alcohol addicts should stay away from bike racing.

Background Checks for Race Bike Drivers

If you are based in Australia, screening checks can be used to verify the qualification, experience, criminal record, drug usage, and more of a person interested in bike racing. This information can help provide invaluable insight concerning their suitability. If you don’t have a police check then you can apply here. You will be required to provide some ID however the process should not take longer than 15 minutes to complete (assuming if you have all of your documents on hand).