Keis Heated Bodywarmer  Ladies Review

14th February 2021

Keis Heated Bodywarmer Ladies Review

Winter riding anyone?

We are lucky in the UK to be able to ride all year around unlike our European friends who park their bikes away for the winter when the snow arrives........

Having done a bit of research I decided to try the Keis

Luckily I took advice from a friend that has one and went for the smaller size (I am in between sizes) which was the right thing to do.......

The first thing I got excited about was the arrival of the parcel.

The jacket was beautifully packed in a sturdy and good looking box with a smaller, matching box that housed the battery pack.

The left hand pocket has an upside down zip

At first I thought it was a strange thing to do, but of course, Keis have done their research and I soon realised just how clever the design is..

Winter rides are shorter

Because the daylight doesn’t stay much past 4 pm and I was curious to see how long the battery pack would last.

On the coldest day

The battery lasted around 4 hours of non stop heating on the green (lowest) setting...

The verdict?

How does one even ride in winter without some sort of heated clothing :) .....