Nobody likes to think about the prospect of being involved in an accident, but the fact is many accidents do happen. As such, it is important to ensure that you are fully aware of what steps should be taken should such a scenario occur.

The following is an overview of the obligations that need to be met, as well as some tips to ensure that any claim made regarding a motorcycle accident claim is successful.

Despite there being many situations where those to blame admit their fault, there will be just as many wanting to shift the blame elsewhere. As such, it is important to ensure that as much information as possible is retained.

Do Not Leave the Scene

This may seem like an obvious step, but should you be involved in an accident and leave the scene, there could be legal ramifications, even if you are not to blame. Although steps can be taken to assess the situation, it is integral that you do not leave the scene of an accident.

It is worth nothing that should anyone be injured during the accident, those who leave the scene of the accident potentially face six months in jail. It also means that details are reported, so staying put is always advised in all instances.

Simply assuming everything is okay could mean that there are ramifications later on, especially when attempting to make a motorcycle insurance claim.

Make Sure Everyone is Okay

When an accident occurs, it is understandable that many are in shock and unsure of what action they should take. The initial step should be ensuring everyone is okay, and if not, garner an understanding of the severity.

There can be a lot to factor following a motorcycle accident, but assessing the situation allows the situation to be dealt with in the appropriate way. If you are familiar with first aid, then this can be used to aid those who require it, but in severe instances, you should await the arrival of emergency services.

Contact Emergency Services

It is natural to assume that less-severe accidents do not require medical attention, but this is not the case. Contacting the police to report the accident also ensures an official statement of what occurred is on record, ensuring that any insurance claims made regarding the accident are straightforward.

When contacting emergency services, it is important to ensure that they are fully aware of the severity of the accident. This will ensure the response time is prompt.

Ensure the Scene is Safe

Although nobody should put themselves in any danger, simple precautions of switching on hazard lights and switching off engines can do a lot to safeguard those involved in the accident, as well as other motorists.

Attempt to Acquire Witness Details

There will not always be a witness to a motorcycle accident, but when there is you should attempt to obtain their details, on the assumption that you have not been hurt during the accident. Although a police report will help record the event, witness statements can ensure no blame is passed onto innocent parties.

Obtain Insurance Details

Damage can be part of the cause during an accident, meaning that obtaining the insurance details of the other drive is integral. As well as obtaining the details of the driver, you should also ensure you record information detailing passengers in the car, including their name and address.

Record Evidence of Your Motorcycle Accident

In most instances, motorcyclists will have some of video recording. But in instances where there is not the case, using a smartphone to take pictures of the incident and the damage incurred ensures there is more information available when making a motorcycle claim.

Report the Accident to Your Insurance Company

The general rule of thumb when reporting an accident to your insurance company is to do it as soon as possible. In most instances, this should be within 24 hours, but it can be worthwhile checking with your provider to ascertain how much time is given to make a claim.

Of course, there can be factors that mean delaying the reporting of the accident is unavoidable. Again, those searching for motorcycle insurance should check with their providers as to what exceptions are made and in what circumstances.

Obtain a Medical Report

There can be times when people are involved in an accident and assume everything is okay, only to find that they are in pain days, weeks or even months later. As such, you should ensure you seek out medical attention following an accident, even if you feel okay following the accident.

Not only does acquiring medical attention ensure there are no injuries you are unaware of, but it also helps detail what ramifications the accident had, which can be useful for motorcyclists who have to take time off due to the accident.

Finding the Right Motorcycle Insurance

Although there is a lot to factor in following a motorcycle accident, finding the correct motorcycle insurance provider is also important. Although there will always be criteria that needs to be met to establish the legitimacy of a claim following a motorcycle accident, choosing the suitable insurance provider ensures motorcyclists are fully aware of what needs to be done in the event of an accident.

It can also be worthwhile choosing an insurance provider well-versed with motorcycle insurance, like Scot Accident Claims. As well as allowing you to make a straightforward claim, you can also ensure you are never paying more than you need to regarding motorcycle insurance.

There is a lot to consider when obtaining information, and there will be times when you are not able to acquire all the information you need. However, retaining as much as possible will always aid in supporting your insurance claim.

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