While not entirely overlooked, it is common for motorcycle enthusiasts to feel as though they are somewhat side-lined within motorsport video games. While cars certainly get plenty of attention within long running and highly popular franchises such as Forza and Need for Speed, it seems as though the potential for a truly knock-out motorcycle game has been left untapped.

Trials Rising, for instance, may well have received largely positive reviews upon its release in early 2019, but the game itself is largely linear and, after a while, somewhat repetitive. What’s more, we have never even been able to get our hands on a great motorbike controller for the console or PC – this stands in stark contrast to the long list of devices available to the car lovers of the gaming world.

Early next year, however, we can look forward to a new title, Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021, from indie game developer Play2Chill. Featuring somewhat simplistic graphics, it’s not quite the read to promise to be the epoch-making title many of us have been anticipating, but it offers the potential for a much more intricate style of gameplay for anyone who loves motorcycles.

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What We Know So Far About Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021

The Simulation Genre Gives Developers Plenty of Scope for Creativity
In some ways, modern simulators are seeking to emulate some of the success of the digital casino. While not classed as a ‘simulator’ in and of itself, the online casino has made what is arguably the most successful transition from the real world to the digital realm, from retro arcade games online to new favourites. As a genre in its own right, the digital casino has made use of the versatility of the platform, and ensured that it is always able to keep up with wider trends within the gaming industry.

Of course, simulators come in all shapes and sizes. Most recently, Microsoft Fight Simulator 2020 has proven to be remarkably successful with fans of the genre, enabling players to explore the entire world in sharp, true to life clarity that stands head and shoulders above the competition. At the other end of the scale, retro-style simulators like Stardew Valley have seen knockout success with players, too, which demonstrates how versatile the genre really is.

In order to thrive, then, Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021 will need to pick apart the success of the giants that came before it. By understanding how to maintain verisimilitude in terms of gameplay itself, to ensuring that this realism is able to offer the player some motivation to play – as opposed to just working on their bikes in real life – they will be able to continue on the legacy of the simulation game.

Release Date and Availability
Thus far, the game is only expected to be available on Windows, which means that Steam will be the primary port of call for players. In fact, the game is already listed on Steam’s site – although, of course, it is not yet available to download, and the only timeframe offered is quarter one (January, February or March) of 2021.

We are currently able to enjoy our first look at the new title through a video posted to the Steam site, and have only a few more months to wait until we can experience the gameplay for ourselves. One thing, however, is for sure: Play2Chill are targeting an audience with a keen understanding of the subject matter within the game, and they will be all too ready to take up the spanner and check out the mechanics (pun intended) of the game for themselves.