What You Need To Know About Motorcycle TiresIf you look carefully at a motorcycle, you will quickly come to one conclusion: the wheels on it are the most important part. In fact, we can go so far as to say that every other part on it, is meant to keep them turning. That is why it is crucial to get the best tires on your motorcycle. Simply put: Your life depends upon them.

Tires: How to choose Them
When John Dunlop patented the first pneumatic in 1887, he probably imagined how important that moment was. Could he have imagined the hours of R&D spent in thousands of companies around the world, to make them better afterwards? That is a more difficult question to answer. But it is possible that he had an idea of what was to come.

Because there have been so many changes to tires through the years, the offer on the market as become quite large. That is why there are now online platforms like Tiregom.co.uk, which help customers find the right tires at the right price. When you go on Tiregom, you can compare a large variety of tires, in a matter of seconds. If a buyer had to do that in a store, not only would he not have the necessary time to check them all, but he probably wouldn’t even know where to start. Thanks to the information held inside Tiregom, the tires are being compared according to a variety of characteristics. But the best part is that, in the end, even with the added value, the customer ends-up paying up to 65% less than in a store.

What Purposes do Tires serve?
As we made clear in the introduction, without tires, there is no motorcycle. The whole point to this machine is to have the wheels roll. That explains why tires do a variety of actions on a motorcycle. First, they provide the necessary traction which will enable the bike to accelerate. Then, they will play a big part, as well, when braking, but also when taking a turn on the road. The most important part that they play, though, could very well be shock absorption. The fact is, if a tire wasn’t built as it is, the motorcycle couldn’t go out on roads. It is the capacity of tires to adjust to bumps and cracks, that keeps it rolling steadily.

The technology incorporated into them is best noticed when you drive under particular conditions, mostly extreme ones. They are created with textures, adapted to the rain and other natural conditions that could affect the way they perform. That is also true for extreme heat and cold, patches of ice and even hail.

What are the Types of Motorcycle Tires?
Generally speaking, there are two types of tires: Radial and Bias. Their name is a reference to how the cords and belts are arranged internally, during production. Depending on which one you use, it will affect the handling of the bike, the braking, as well as the rolling resistance. Radial tires are a newer technology than the bias ones. They have become more common on motorcycles than their predecessors, who are still more used for cruisers and older models of bikes.

The main advantages of radial tires are their longer life-expectancy, and the fact tat they are built stiffer, for a greater response on the road. For the bias tires, they tend to offer a softer ride and they also come at a lower price, which can be attracting for some.

Tires are the most important element of a motorcycle. That is why you need to shop them intelligently, by using a price and quality comparator online, like Tiregom. Otherwise, you will pay more for tires, that won’t even be adapted to your needs.

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