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Wheelie School Kickstarts New Off Road Motorcycle ExperiencesRiders can now learn how to pull the perfect wheelie at just one of a variety of all new off road motorcycling experiences that have been launched by

Brand new packages that are now available to book include the unique Wheelie School Training Day, designed specifically for riders looking to perfect their wheelie technique, while also learning more advanced off road riding styles in the stunning surroundings of the Ribble Valley in Lancashire.

Alex MacGregor at said: “This is no ordinary school. Your classroom is the beautiful Lancashire countryside, your subject is learning wheelies!

“On a more serious note, this new package is aimed at the more experienced off road biker, and the techniques learnt will help take their two wheeled skills to the next level.”

Other new extreme off road experiences just launched include a Lads and Dads Motorcycle Novices Two Hour Taster.

While the package is advertised as Lads and Dads, it can also be enjoyed by mums and sons, dads and daughters, mums and daughters or even grandparents and grandchildren.

Also catering for youngsters is the Junior Motorcycle Trials Course experience, which lets children as young as seven go off road riding special OSET electric training bikes, all strictly under the guidance of fully qualified instructors.

Alex added: “Why should the adults have all the off road fun? We believe it’s something everyone of all ages can enjoy, and that’s why we’ve also included a couple of experiences in our new line up that are specially designed for youngsters.

“Tasting off roading at such a young age will hopefully ignite a passion, and lead to many years in the saddle, experiencing new terrains and challenges.”

For more information about, whose vouchers are currently valid for up to 12 months when booked, visit School Kickstarts New Off Road Motorcycle Experiences

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Biker T-shirtsClick here for more info on Vitesse T-Shirts UK

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