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Why You Should Give Push Bikes a Try

Why You Should Give Push Bikes a Try

If you are looking for a new way of getting around, there are very few reasons not to try a push bike. As opposed to a motorbike, push bikes are powered by the rider pedalling with their own energy.

While motorbikes are hugely popular and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, they have very little in common with traditional push bikes. If you are curious about trying a different method of getting from A to B, here’s why this mode of transport could be perfect for you.

Ideal for City Commutes

One of the benefits many motorcyclists claim to enjoy over other vehicle users is the ability to easily weave between cars and get to their destination quicker. However, in the city, only cyclists, not motorcyclists, can use the cycle lane and get ahead.

If you want a mode of transport that makes it easier to traverse a hectic city, choose a push bike over anything else. In particular, single speed bicycles have more advantages over multiple-gear bikes since the cycling commuter can accelerate and stop with greater ease – an essential if you want to navigate heavy traffic safely.

Easier on the Wallet

Instead of having to figure out the finances for a car or motorbike, finding an affordable push bike is so much simpler. The range between affordable and high-end bikes can still be broad but within far less expensive parameters.

On top of this, some green-minded employers offer rewards for cycling to work by making it even cheaper to buy a bike – perhaps in the form of employee discounts to use on a bike purchase, which is why it’s always worth checking with your boss to see if such initiatives are available through your workplace.

Helps to Boost Fitness

Sitting down all day has been proven over and over again to be detrimental to people’s health. Instead of moving from sitting in your car to sitting in your office and then sitting at home, choosing to cycle will give you a better chance at good health and improved fitness.

People who cycle rather than drive are more likely to have better stamina and healthier blood pressure. It is a simple form of exercise that is easy to pick up and has a low impact on your joints – unlike running. Take your bike for a ride in the countryside to enjoy the scenery and some fresh air, and you can reap even more rewards in the mental health sense, not just the physical.

Better for the Environment

The reason there has been such a thrust towards encouraging bike use is largely down to the effects of cars on the environment. The manufacture, running and disposal of vehicles all contribute to the climate crisis, and swapping a drive for a cycle whenever possible can help reduce your carbon footprint.

If more people took to cycling each day rather than driving, the air would be healthier to breathe, and the atmosphere could start to recover.

As you can see, there are plenty of great reasons that you should consider trying out a push bike. They are excellent for busy people who want to cut through traffic quickly, more affordable than most other forms of transport, better for your personal health, and far less negatively impactful on the planet.

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