Markets you can indulge in Moto GP betting 1The off-season tests in Moto GP usually kick off around the middle of November each year, and serve as the perfect means to gauge the form of riders and their bikes, early in the season. These tests conclude around early March, with the first Moto Grand Prix happening in late March, running full circle and usually closing on the same circuit that the first test happens on, in November that year. Normally there are around 18 Moto GP races that happen every year.

These races also serve as the perfect events for people wanting to indulge in Moto GP betting. With the online sports betting having caught on with a great multitude of punters all over the world, bookmakers are finding new and innovative ways, including various types of free bet offers to attract more and more Moto GP bettors to their platforms.

If you too are interested in Moto GP betting, ensure that you go over the previous winners to get a fair idea about the possibilities. The field is pretty small in Moto GP races and there are always some solid favourites to win the race. For instance, Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez always go in as favorites in any Moto GP race they take part in. Let’s now take you over some of the betting markets that you can indulge in Moto GP

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Championship Bets
Extremely popular with both off-line and online bookmakers, championship bets offer excellent winning potential provided that you know how to use them strategically. One of the ways to profit from these bets is by signing up with a reputed online bookie and availing their free bet offer. You must also keep a close watch on the each way odds.

Rider vs Rider
If you’re someone who follows Moto GP races very closely and has a fair idea about the competing riders’ skills, then indulging in the Rider vs Rider bets could be extremely profitable for you. As evident from its name, these bets are about pitting riders against each other.

For instance, Valentino Ross and Marc Marquez always make excellent candidates for this bet type considering how they’re constantly at loggerheads with each other. Needless to say that because you have your money on certain riders, it serves as some thrilling viewing during the race!

Podium finishes
In these Moto GP bets you must predict the riders you expect to come in the third, second and first position in the race and thus find a place on the podium. Once again, anyone who follows these races closely and has a knack for correctly predicting the top riders, can make use of free bet offers and maximise his/her profits from these bets.

In these bet types you wager money on the Moto GP team you expect come out on the top, having scored the maximum number of points at the end of the season. For instance, you could bet on the the Repsol Honda Team that has Marc Marquez riding for them, who is very good at holding off the Ducatis in every race!

Fastest lap
A major favourite among the off-line and online bookies, this betting market is about the rider who scores the fastest lap in the race.

Top five finish
Quite similar to the podium finishes market, top five finish bets are about predicting the riders you expect to finish the race in any of the top five positions. Although the payouts aren’t very huge, the winning odds are extremely attractive.