World of Kawasaki Returns in 2019

Kawasaki Motors UK are pleased to announce that the World of Kawasaki event will be making a return in astonishing style this year on Sunday 30th June at Donington Park.

Attendees can expect to be treated to a complete Kawasaki experience including track sessions on their own motorcycles, demo rides with outstanding 2019 Kawasaki models on the road, taking part in adrenaline inducing Utility & children’s off-road experiences, plus stunt displays amongst other forms of action packed entertainment!

Donington Park has been selected to host the event due to its central location, the high-grade facilities and extensive updates the venue has received since the World of Kawasaki event was held there in previous years.

Need to stock up on your Kawasaki threads in 2019? Clothing & Accessories will be available at the retail shop, run by the friendly merchandise team from Kawasaki Motors UK.

Yearning for some learning? We have you covered with Kawasaki Rider Training Services KRTSschools invited to create a test ride area with Ninja 125 and Z125 motorcycles so that novice riders can safely experience riding a Kawasaki for the first time in a controlled environment.

Having recently reached a milestone of clicking over to more than 4000 members, Club Kawasaki delegates and Ambassadors will be organising rides to the event and receiving VIP Zone packages!

The Kawasaki family is rich and abundant. Lee Bowers brings a new meaning to the word exhilarating with his outrageous stunt displays, to be held throughout the day. DragonMoto Tours, our official Kawasaki experience partners will be coming along for the ride and offering details of their upcoming tours.

Yes, Kawasaki are paving the way in terms of motorcycle technology and yes, we are accountable for endless bygone models that were ground-breaking in their time and demand to be admired. For this reason, customers will be invited to celebrate their motorcycles by displaying them in the World of Kawasaki Classic area! More details on how to submit your ride coming soon…

Where would we be without the next generation of Kawasaki riders? This is why the children’s area at World of Kawasaki will be equipped with an epic bouncy castle & trampolines – every kids dream.

Join us in meeting likeminded Kawasaki enthusiasts and making memories at Kawasaki World 2019.

Stay tuned for more details coming soon including track session booking information. Note – Club Kawasaki members will receive exclusive access to first booking for track sessions for this event.

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