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Xena Security Disc-lock AlarmThefts are not just limited to cars, in fact, close to 40,000 thefts in England & Wales are related to motorcycles and scooters, which accounts for a 3.3% chance of your motorcycle getting stolen. This alarming statistic and the general fear forces a motorcyclist like me to ensure the proper security of his pride and joy, which is why I have been recently started using the XX15 BLE disc-lock by Xena Security, and here’s an insight into my experience so far with this lock.

Xena Security Disc-lock AlarmThe XX15 disc-lock has been on the market for awhile now, and it remains a popular choice amongst motorcyclists for theft protection. Thankfully, the lock fits most motorcycles and large scooters. which is the reason why I didn’t encounter any problem while testing this on the new Triumph Trident’s front disc. The main reason why I chose the XX15 lock over others is because of the host of security aides packed inside it in particular the alarm. The XX15 is an improved and refined version of the XX14 lock.

The newest addition to the latest XX-series lock is the inclusion of a smartphone-controlled Bluetooth app for both Android and iOS phones that lets you customize various settings; this convenient feature has countless times helped me modify various settings without taking a long walk to my motorcycle. Initially it was a bit fiddly to setup but once I figured out that the Xena has to be locked and in position on the disc to enable the bluetooth all was good. You can of course still use the lock as a standard disc lock without bluetooth or the alarm.

The stainless-steel body and the 14mm reinforced carbide pin are sturdy enough to withstand a harsh direct or indirect blow. Moreover, the in-built shock & movement sensors are programmed to be just sensitive enough to respond to a potential theft attempt so there are almost no chances of false alarms. In the time Ive had it have never been irritated by a false alarm which is a testament to the precise programming backing the XX15 disc-lock.Xena Security Disc-lock Alarm

Speaking of false alarms, the sound output of the lock is 120dB, which, to be honest, is quite high pitched and helps scare away a thief quite easily. The battery is easily removable via the keys and supplied allen key and can last up to a year with normal usage. The keys themselves are quite resistant to forgery and the lock insert is also quite pick-proof.

The Xena is quite heavy and large so if you take it with you on a ride I suggest you place it under your seat (if there’s room) or in luggage rather than in a jacket pocket.

Xena Security Disc-lock AlarmThe Xena XX15 disc-lock can also be availed with a chain adaptor or a ground anchor for additional security, but the lock itself is good at what it is designed & made for. Ultimately, I would totally recommend this lock to anyone looking to secure his/her motorbike or scooter as the lock has always provided me with peace of mind in particular overnight.

* Word of note the luminous cable reminder doesn’t come with the lock but its still handy to remind oneself that the lock is there as you can easily forget it’s there if your in a rush.

Xena Security Disc-lock Alarm

The XX15 Bluetooth Alarmed Disk Lock was supplied to us by The XX15 Bluetooth Alarmed Disk Lock retails for £110 – including VAT. To purchase visit

For more info head to the official Xena website

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