Yamaha Mt-07 Water Pipe Cover And Bullet Frame SlidersTwo bespoke new GBRacing protection products are now available for the popular Yamaha MT-07 and its derivative models, namely the MT-07 Tracer, XSR700, FZ-07 and Ténéré 700.

Following high demand for water pump protection for the twin-cylinder Yamaha engine, a product that was released at the end of March this year, GBracing has now developed a bespoke cover to offer a high level of protection to the vulnerable cooling hoses on the right hand side of the engine. This brand new product uses the same engineering grade, 60% long-glass fibre nylon 6.6 used to create GBRacing’s famous, FIM-approved secondary engine covers.

A Bullet Slider set has also been created to suit these five popular Yamaha models. Using the same energy-absorbing, self-sacrificing design technology as those used in World Superbikes, these cleverly-designed frame sliders offer superb protection to the Yamaha’s tubular frame.

All GBRacing parts are designed to work together — from both practical and aesthetic standpoints — but can be fitted independently of each other allowing the customer to tailor their protection to their own needs.Yamaha Mt-07 Water Pipe Cover And Bullet Frame Sliders

RRP information as below:

UK* / USA / Europe

Bullet Frame Slider Set: £82.27/ $109.70/ €82.96

Bullet Frame Slider (LHS or RHS) £41.14/ $54.85/ €41.48

Water Pipe Cover: £63.48 / $84.64/ €64.01

*UK price includes VAT

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Yamaha Mt-07 Water Pipe Cover And Bullet Frame SlidersBiker T-shirts UK

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