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Your New Reliable Tripmate SIZZAPP is Going to Launch a Kickstarter Campaign

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Your New Reliable Tripmate SIZZAPP is Going to Launch a Kickstarter Campaign

Sizzapp Review 01A startup company SIZZAPP announced today that it will be raising funds on the 8th of March via a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to finish the development of its revolutionary automotive safety technology, and to introduce NeXT-Generation Security SIZZAPP (IMT Technology) devices. The company will be setting out to raise $20 000 on Kickstarter to finish development and produce the latest invention that is going to change the automotive safety technology market.

SIZZAPP is a smart security solution designed by bikers for bikers. SIZZAPP is a monitoring device that is attached to the motorcycle accumulator that connects to a mobile device. SIZZAPP users can be sure that their motorcycle is safe, as well as receive additional features that will make their driving experience even more exciting. SIZZAPP users are alerted regarding any issue about their vehicle anywhere and anytime. For more information about SIZZAPP, visit www.sizzapp.com. Vehicle owners can also connect with SIZZAPP on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Your New Reliable Tripmate SIZZAPP offers multiple unique features:

Towing Detected Notification
With SIZZAPP you get notified if someone will try to steal your motorcycle. Even more, with SIZZAPP for the very first time, you will get notified if someone sits on your bike, drops, or even tilts it.

Your Vehicle Left or Entered the Zone Notification
Set the Geozones and get notified once your vehicle leaves your set range radius.

Low Battery Notification
Get notified about your motorcycles’ battery level. Even on those rainy days, you cannot take your bike out, you will know if your iron horse needs to be charged.

Crash Detected Notification
There is nothing worse than coming back to the parking lot to find out someone has hit your vehicle and run. With SIZZAPP you get instantly notified if someone doesn’t know how to park. Don’t pay for someone else’s mistakes, let them pay!

Device Disconnected Notification
If your SIZZAPP device will be disconnected you will get a notification.

Your New Reliable Tripmate SIZZAPP Community
SIZZAPP not only connects people with their vehicle but also connects vehicle owners with other vehicle owners, building a community. The community you share your rides with, get useful tips, and simply travel together!

My Rides
With SIZZAPP, always stay connected to your friends. Make no more unnecessary stops or calls. Traveling together has never been this easy!

Notify family members & friends
Now for the very first time, you can set up your family members’ or friends’ phone numbers. In the worst-case scenario, they will get notified of your location and the crash event that has happened.

Others About SIZZAPP
“Today, the startup has put a special focus on motorcycle riders and has already caught attention from industry giants like Schaeffler AG, ADAC, and Harley Davidson.” Baltic Startup Scene Report 2018 – 2019

“The rapidly increasing army of motorcyclists in the Baltics and beyond is powering their ride with a seemingly irreplaceable gadget on the market yet, SIZZAPP – is a mobile application that connects a motorcycle with its owner and favorite services. And not only that. SIZZAPP detects and alerts about a fellow motorcyclist’s crash on the road. The smart app also protects your two-wheel beast against any unauthorized action, alerts about the conditions of the engine.” The Baltic Times

SIZZAPP on Kickstarter
SIZZAPP has already proven its place in the European market. However, ambition now with the help of Kickstarter is to introduce 4G devices, making it available to everyone everywhere bringing SIZZAPP to the wider region, forward across the world.

Sign up now on http://www.sizzapp.com/kickstarter to be the first one to order NeXT-Generation SIZZAPP (IMT Technology) devices for an Early bird special price of ONLY $69.

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For more information on Sizz App visit sizzapp.com

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