Zero motorcycles Invests In Uk For 2021 As Interest In Electric Motorcycles SoarCalifornian electric motorcycle brand Zero Motorcycles is gearing up for record sales in 2021, despite challenges presented by Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Previously the American company has enjoyed the benefits of the European Union’s Single Market, fulfilling motorcycle orders, spare parts and service functions overnight from its company-owned EMEA headquarters in the Netherlands. With Great Britain leaving the European Union and its single market on December 31 2020, the company has set up additional UK offices to ensure as seamless an operation as possible and minimise disruptions to customers and dealers.

Zero has set up a warehousing operation, based close to Leeds, with an initial three months’ worth of stock brought into the country to ensure customer orders are able to be fulfilled in an efficient manner. This will be backed up by a national sales office, which will support the dealer network and liaise with the European operations.

Despite the challenges faced by the coronavirus pandemic, Zero posted record sales in the UK in 2020. Buoyed by the introduction of the new SR/S, and with many commuters attracted to electric motorcycles in a bid to escape public transport, the company saw sales increase by 10% in 2020.

“It goes without saying that 2020 was challenging for the whole motorcycle industry but it is a great credit to our dealer network and the strength of our product that we were able to record our best ever sales in the UK,” says Dale Robinson, Zero Motorcycles’ Country Manager for UK and Ireland. “We now go into 2021 with the dual challenges of Brexit and Covid to tackle but I am confident that again we can continue to grow, as our dealer network expands and an increasing number of British riders turn to electric.

“The investment Zero has made into our UK operations is a marker as to just how important our market is and it will allow us to offer our customers and dealers some certainty in the coming months. The aim is to hold a minimum stock level in the UK to ensure continuity of supply during a time which the government has admitted there may be bumps in the road ahead, and we will continually review the situation as we adapt to these new trading conditions.”

Despite motorcycle dealership showrooms currently being closed due to the current coronavirus restrictions, Zero Motorcycles’ UK based dealerships are able to fulfil orders remotely – offering a click and collect or delivery service. Potential customers are encouraged to contact their local dealership by telephone or email to discuss what options are available.

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Zero motorcycles Invests In Uk For 2021 As Interest In Electric Motorcycles Soar

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