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Casadei, Torres, Ferrari and Garzo get ready for the final showdown

Casadei, Torres, Ferrari And Garzo Get Ready For The Final ShowdownThis is it! The FIM Enel MotoE™ World Championship has arrived at the final round of a history-making season, with a Champion soon to be crowned. Ahead of the track action, Mattia Casadei (HP Pons Los40) headed the Press Conference as Championship leader for the first time, joined by Jordi Torres (Openbank Aspar Team), Matteo Ferrari (Felo Gresini MotoE™) and the last rider still in contention, Hector Garzo (Dynavolt Intact GP MotoE™).

MATTIA CASADEI: “I will try to ignore everything and push like a beast, this is always the plan!”

What’s made a difference this year?
“I don’t know, I always try to stay focused and do my best, and this is the result. I’m very happy with the results I’ve achieved so far. This is down to my work and the team and it’s a very good result. We are all very fast. Matteo is very fast, Jordi is very fast. Also, Hector. I have to stay calm and do my best and see what happens.”

Who will be strongest?
“Jordi is very fast here. He got pole position and he won the championship, Matteo is very fast here. Hector is fast. I remember when I got second place in 2019, we were all fast. I have to do a little bit more. I will try and if it’s possible I’ll be very happy.”

JORDI TORRES: “After a weekend like that, where we didn’t finish the second race, and we don’t achieve any good results at my home race. You can imagine we tried 100%, absolutely everything. Every corner during my home GP, and we achieved nothing. We didn’t achieve any podiums or any good results. We showed that we can still be there. We can do a good qualifying, good rhythm, stay aggressive, and have good battles on track. This is important, you know, to show our potential and to show that we can stay there and fight. I feel younger than my rivals, not the oldest guy in the paddock, you know. Is important for our objectives and for me to stay motivated at home. Sometimes one failure at the most important race of the year can happen, this is racing. We are still there, we are close. Not as close as we want to be, but for sure anything can happen in MotoE. We are still here. We still continue to push like in Barcelona and we’ll see what happens. We have less pressure now because all the pressure now is on Mattia Casadei. Our rivals born between La Quercia and Tramonto know every bump of the tarmac. We need to learn about the Italian guys and give some good moments during the race.”

MATTEO FERRARI: “I’m happy to be here in Misano, it’s my home. For sure, I’m not happy because the championship is already over, but I will try my best. Really good season for us with some great battles and some great wins, so we need to finish with a high. We feel the pressure but we’re in a good position because we can push. It’s a little bit worse when you are leading and you have battle and manage the championship. We’re in a good position with Jordi, we will do our best to be at the front. I think also there will be a lot of riders at the front, just like in Barcelona. We will see.”

Is this your best season yet?
“For sure I’m very happy about this season. We started in a very good way with a win and a pole position So for sure it is our best year. For sure is a little bit different because we have a lot of races now and in the first year there were only six. Sometimes you push, sometimes you have to sit back and say, ‘hey, I need to manage it.’ I’m happy about this and I’m happy about our work, because, you know, sometimes, when there are a lot of years, it’s difficult to find what you need to change about yourself. I think I have done a good job. For sure, the second-half of the season didn’t go as expected but sometimes races are like this and luckily we are fighting for the Championship.”

HECTOR GARZO: “The last race of the season well, the last two races, still 50 points in play. Well, honestly it’s a little bit far away but we will try our best for sure. Is an option that we can take a bit of risk to try to achieve the last victory or the last two victories. The Italians are all very fast here, so we have to do a lot of work.”

What are you looking for this weekend?
“Well, for me Idea is to try to consolidate my place in the championship. I want to try to finish the season in this form that I’ve had all year. I need to stay consistent and fight for as many points as possible. I will take a little bit of risk because ultimately after Germany’s win I need to get another one. We will try our best for sure.”

Are you paying attention to the other Championship contenders and the situation the others are in?
“No, for sure. I will always be corner by corner, lap by lap. The risk is always with myself and I will always try to focus on that!”

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