Get race track ready with Louis Moto’s new smartphone-controlled tyre warmers

Get Race Track Ready With Louis Moto’s New Smartphone-controlled Tyre WarmersMotorcycle track day season has arrived, and Louis Moto’s new BT Comfort tyre warmers are the ideal addition to every track rider’s toolkit, with enhanced practicality thanks to the warmer’s innovative smartphone connectivity. 

The Louis BT Comfort tyre warmers offer three heat settings, starting at 60°C, moving up to 80°C, with the hottest setting at 95°C, making them suitable for use with a range of road, rain and slick tyres. A key feature of the Bluetooth-enabled BT Comfort tyre warmers is the smartphone connectivity, enabling riders to control these different temperature settings via the accompanying iOS and Android app, which also features a timer and a useful information display.

Pre-heating the full tyre, its carcass and the wheel rim itself is important to ensure optimum grip while out on track, and Louis’ BT Comfort tyre warmers guarantee that with a wide heating blanket, which also covers and effectively warms the tyre edges and rim edges. Easy fitment and fastening is provided by wide hook and loop straps, and are compatible with a front tyre size of 120/70-17, and rear tyre sizes of 180/55 to 200/55-17.

Get Race Track Ready With Louis Moto’s New Smartphone-controlled Tyre WarmersThe Louis BT Comfort tyre warmers come compete with a carry case for easy storage and transportation to and from circuits, and are priced at £299*. Non-Bluetooth-enabled tyre warmers are also available in the Louis range, priced at £256*. 

Louis’ new tyre warmers bolster its range of motorcycle equipment, care and accessories, which includes a wide array of oils, lubricants, motorcycle cleaning products and more. Shop the full Louis Moto range here.

For UK motorcyclists shopping online with Louis Moto and its exclusive brands, VAT and refunds on any applicable customs charges on orders made from the UK will be covered. This means riders can enjoy shopping online without any surprise costs along the way. Free delivery to Great Britain is also available on orders over £199.00.

*All prices correct as of the date of the postingGet Race Track Ready With Louis Moto’s New Smartphone-controlled Tyre Warmers