GIVI offers the luggage solution for best-selling adventure bikes

Givi Offers The Luggage Solution For Best-selling Adventure BikesInnovation and functionality are key traits of the new Outback EVO side cases from the Italian company to improve the load capacity of models with high exhausts.

Side cases can be difficult to fit on adventure bikes, as conventional models often don’t have space on the side where the exhaust protrudes. GIVI, the world leader in motorbike accessories, has an R&D department made up of motorcycle enthusiasts who understand the needs of its users. That’s why they dedicate all their effort and passion to making accessories that adapt to all types of models. An example of this is its top of the range line: the Outback EVO, which includes a new 33-litre capacity side case that, with its cut-away design, fits one of these bikes’ silhouettes perfectly without compromising storage space or stability. It can also be complemented with a new 42-litre top case.

Givi Offers The Luggage Solution For Best-selling Adventure BikesFinding the perfect case for every bike that meets every rider’s needs just got easier thanks to GIVI. That’s because it has a wide range of side and top cases, both in aluminium and plastic that adapt to all types of motorbikes, like its Outback EVO range. It’s one line that as well as having options with a variety of capacities, now presents a new more compact version to adapt perfectly to adventure bikes with high exhausts.

Givi Offers The Luggage Solution For Best-selling Adventure BikesThis Outback EVO side cut-out case, with a 33litre capacity, is the latest example of GIVI’s commitment to innovation and motorbike accessory design. With its combination of functionality, style and durability, this case is the perfect addition to any motorbike adventure. Made of highquality materials and equipped with the MONOKEY® CAM-SIDE attachment system, it ensures a secure hold in even the most demanding of conditions. What’s more, the Security Lock locking system provides additional protection for your belongings.

The new Outback Evo retains all the technical features of the previous models, like the lid rotation system (Detachable Lid System), reinforced in stainless steel, which makes it possible to stop the rotation of the lid at the desired point and remove it completely. And thanks to the Hold it Active System, it allows you to tilt the case without having to unhook it completely from the side support, making it easier to open the lid in the presence of a top case.

Givi Offers The Luggage Solution For Best-selling Adventure BikesThe ideal companion for this cut-out case is the the 42-litre Outback Evo top case, with the capacity to store a modular helmet, and which also has the same technical features as the previous models, such as the MONOKEY® fastening system. That’s not all; the lid has a friction rotation system (Adjustable Resistance Hinge System), which allows the closing speed to be adjusted according to the user’s preferences.

In terms of aesthetics, both the 33-litre side case and the 42-litre top case follow the aesthetic line of the range, which is highlighted by the new angles that make it possible to dispense with the strap loops and better secure the attachment to the tubular handles. Both are available in two colour versions: black and aluminium. And they feature a modern, angular design that fits adventure and tourer bikes like a glove.

In addition to their attractive looks and exceptional functionality, all Outback EVO cases are available with a wide range of optional accessories to meet the specific needs of every rider. From internal courtesy lights to waterproof internal bags, GIVI offers a variety of options to customise them to individual preferences.

These new members of the Outback EVO family are available as follows:

  • 33-litre side case in aluminium colour: £309.17+VAT
  • 33-litre side case in black: TBC
  • 42-litre top case in aluminium colour: 303.75+VAT
  • 42 litre top case in black colour: TBC

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