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The Most Popular Slot Trends in 2023 – Explained

If you’re a massive fan of slot machines, you will likely already know what has proven successful with slot players in 2023. If you’re a casual bettor, you may not be quite so familiar with the up-and-coming trends concerning online slots. Either way, there’s nothing to worry about as we aim to walk you through the most recent trends in the slot world right here.

Progressive Jackpot Slots Never Go Out of Fashion

First up, let’s discuss progressive jackpot slots. These never fall out of fashion. It is true that progressive jackpot slots have changed, and right now, there is movement toward community jackpot games with random jackpots, such as the Drops & Wins games. However, progressives are just as much in fashion as they always have been and can regularly be found at top casinos such as Rollers right now.

MegaWays Games Are Starting to Dip

For the last few years, MegaWays games have been nigh-on unbeatable in terms of popularity. In every casino you visit, MegaWays games are front and centre. However, over the last few months, their popularity has begun to wane. It seems that the casino world has caught on that many of them offer the same features. We don’t expect new MegaWays games to stop appearing overnight, but there has been a drop in the number of new MegaWays games released of late.

Hold and Wins Are on the Rise

While MegaWays games are on the way out (it seems), Hold and Win slots seem to be in the ascendency. These games are being unveiled as hugely popular releases with casino bettors. Casino game developers are churning these titles out like there’s no tomorrow, so we would expect Hold and Win slots to continue to impress in the immediate future.

Highly Volatile Games Starting to Fade

At the same time as MegaWays are dropping down the popularity meter, one could argue the same can be said for highly volatile games in general. These are not as popular as they were a few months ago. As slot players begin to learn what volatility and variance mean, don’t be surprised to see developers suddenly release more low variance games to balance their catalogues.

Buy-a-Bonus Modes Are on the Way Out

Finally, and we’re happy about this, buy-a-bonus slots seem to be on their way out. We’ve not been fans of these slots since they debuted a few years back. Allowing punters to purchase bonus rounds for extortionate fees has always felt predatory, and some developers have cut down on the number of legit slot features to make more of them “buyable”. This is not something we or many honest slot gamers agree with. Quite frankly, we’ll be delighted to see software developers and slot creators roll back on these modes, which are essentially the gambling world’s version of micro-transactions.

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