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British duo set new record 2-up on a motorcycle

British Duo Set New Record 2-up On A MotorcycleEngineering genius Allen Millyard and TV presenter Henry Cole have set a new world record for the “fastest tandem motorcycle” beating the top speed held by an American couple for over 10 years.

Guinness World Records certified their top speed of 183.50 mph (295.31 km/h), giving them a clear margin over American couple Erin Hunter and Andy Sills, who reached 181.42 mph (291.98 km/h) at Bonneville Salt Flats in 2011.

The pair met when Cole was filming The Motorbike Show in 2014 and the idea for the record attempt was hatched during planning for the latest series. On 25th May they headed to Elvington Airfield in North Yorkshire, which has a 3000-metre long runway. On their sixth and last attempt of the day, the friends finally bettered the existing record speed by two miles an hour.

What makes their achievement even more remarkable is that their motorcycle was designed and built by Allen in the single car garage attached to his house.

Ironically their biggest challenge was avoiding going too fast. The Millyard Viper V10 is powered by an 8-litre Dodge sports car engine, producing 500 bhp, which is more than double the power of a modern superbike. It is also three times as heavy, at almost 1400 lb (630 kg), so keeping it under control, particularly without a fairing to protect them from wind blast, required huge focus, skill and determination.

“It felt ridiculously fast” says Allen. “Top marks to Henry for agreeing to do it. He showed complete confidence in my riding ability and my hand-built motorcycle, which is really flattering. And I knew he’d be a reliable pillion and wouldn’t panic, which could destabilise the bike, with disastrous consequences at high speed”.   

“I didn’t really think we’d do it, but thanks to Allen and the bike he built in a little garage near Reading, we’re world record holders!” adds Henry. “It’s the biggest rush you’ll ever have!”

Cole and Millyard won’t be resting on their laurels – they are making plans for a rerun, with the target of breaking the 200 mph barrier!

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Guinness World Records – originally the Guinness Book of Records – is the ultimate authority on record-breaking achievement, with offices in London, New York, Beijing, Tokyo and Dubai, and adjudicators on the ground around the world. See the official record on the Guinness World Records website at

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