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New SMART HJC 21B & 50B – in stock now

New Smart Hjc 21b & 50b – In Stock Now

These second generation ‘SMART HJC’ Bluetooth communication systems are fully integrated into the helmet, providing the optimal weight balance and aerodynamic performance while riding. The SMART HJC 50B and 21B have been co-developed with technology partner SENA and can be installed on the latest helmet models: RPHA 31, RPHA 71, RPHA 91, or i71.

Compatible HJC Helmets

RPHA 31/ RPHA 71/RPHA 91/ i71

New Smart Hjc 21b & 50b – In Stock Now50B Intercom
Using the BT 5.0 low power system, the 50B (based on SENA 50S/50R) features both MESH and 4-way Bluetooth intercom technologies. The enhanced sound system offers audio multi-tasking, sound equalizing, advanced noise-cancelling and HD speakers to enrich mid-to low-pitched sounds.

RRP: £399.99

New Smart Hjc 21b & 50b – In Stock Now
21B Intercom

Using the BT 5.1 low power system, the 21B offers Bluetooth 4-way intercom functionality with over 22 hours of talk time. The enhanced sound provides users with an HD speaker, to enrich mid-to low-pitched sounds.

RRP: £299.99

The smartphone app allows you to quickly and easily control various functions of the SMART HJC communication system and also review the Quick Start Guide.New Smart Hjc 21b & 50b – In Stock Now

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