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RST Casual Motorcycle Wear

Rst Casual Motorcycle Wear With a look towards spring/summer riding on this test we decided on some more casual wear rather than standard leather or textile jackets and trouser we have done in the past.

With many thanks to RST, you can see RST’s new 2023 collection on their website. We went for RST Lumberjack shirt, RST tapered fit (black) jeans, RST Roadster gloves and RST Roadster boots.

Motorcycle apparel has come a long way both in terms of safety as well as style. thats said one aspect that riders often complain about is the overall weight of leathers which can weigh down on them, especially on longer rides or whilst off the bike. You could say the weight of the gear is associated with its quality, the heavier the better it will be at protecting the rider. While this is certainly true, there is no denying that lighter and more breathable alternatives are becoming increasingly popular among riders.

Winning the trust of most motorcyclists amongst such alternatives are reinforced textile shirts and jeans. These may look like everyday worn garments but their clever construction and the quality of materials used allow them to withstand impacts that their everyday-worn peers would simply succumb to. We decided to try out a different combination of safety gear during a brief ride during a break in the weather.

As previously stated we decided to opt on the RST Lumberjack textile shirt together with their tapered-fit textile jean, the Roadster gloves and Roadster boots.

Starting with my RSTxKevlar red checkered shirt, I will admit I was a bit skeptical at first. Nevertheless I decided to go for it, and suffice to say I was pleasantly surprised. The overall composure and freedom I attained were unprecedented. Not only was it comfy enough to wear around but its sturdy yet soft construction allowed enough maneuverability. On the surface, the checkered shirt seems like any other shirt you’d wear around but as they say, the devil lies in the details.

Stitched neatly underneath the back and front sides are protector pockets that allow for easy insertion of protective pads whenever needed. Even with the protectors added, the fitting was quite relaxed, and I never felt trapped inside the shirt. Aside from protecting the vulnerable chest and back, there is also an arrangement for shoulder and elbow armor that also feel sturdy and firmly in place. Both these armors are CE Level 1 certified, just in case you only buy certified products. Last but not least is the closing mechanism that relies on the combination of rugged zip-line buttons to ensure extra protection in case of an impact.

As for my RST tapered fit textile jeans, it too worked quite well. The tapered fit may not be the favorite fit for many riders. The key reason for suggesting so is the fact that it hugs your legs pretty firmly from the bottom where the wind deflection is the highest. The stretchable construction allows for easy breathability and dangling your leg is as comfortable as you can possibly think of. Just like the RST Lumber shirt, there are provisions for armor in vulnerable areas. All the armor is CE Level 1 certified and is provided in all the key areas you can think of. Both the RST Lumberjack textile shirt and the tapered jeans are available in several color combinations. Aside from that, both are also covered by RST’s 12-month warranty, providing you with a sense of security that your hard-earned money wouldn’t go in vain.

Now onto my selection for gloves and boots, the RST Roadster gloves may not be the ideal choice in chilly weather as they are a more summer glove (especially for someone for suffers from raynaud’s). Just like the Lumberjack shirt and the jeans, the Roadster gloves too seem as if they don’t provide any layer of security but a deeper look would reveal to you a solid knuckle protector and a sleek motion panel that keeps the gloves in a static position once you’ve donned them. Since these gloves have been made to go with the Roadster jacket, therefore, they are available in matching leather and colour to the jacket.

It would be unfair not to mention the RST Roadster boots that were also accompanying me during my ride. Being someone who wears Doc Martens when not on the bike the boots weren’t much of a dramatic change. I agree that the boots look more like work boots than riding boots but the additional reinforcing leather strap on the toe box instantly gives away the real identity of these boots. The thick sole has a deep grip pattern engraved upon it thus allowing for confident walks and rides on slippery surfaces. Crafted to go with the RST Kevlar jeans, the Roadster boots are thus a natural fit with any casual riding outfit. The availability in both vintage brown and glossy black colors enhances the versatility, a characteristic long attributed to RST motorcycle gear.Rst Casual Motorcycle Wear

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