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Is a Sustainable Future Possible in Motorsports?

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Is a Sustainable Future Possible in Motorsports?

Is A Sustainable Future Possible In Motorsports?
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Sustainability has three different focus areas, namely economic, social, and environmental. Also known as the Tripple Bottom Line. Each main area of sustainability has subdivisions within subdivisions that need focus as well, like motorsports within transportation. With all of the sustainability efforts in play today, is it possible for motorsports to have a sustainable future?

Net Zero
Every sustainable organisation has a goal of achieving a Net Zero status. Your business, home, and even hobby can strive to become Net Zero. Being Net Zero means that you are able to bring your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as close to zero as possible by removing or reducing your GHG from the atmosphere. You can make use of sustainability efforts to become Net Zero, but you have to keep in mind that it is a long-term goal.

Net Zero is important to save our planet from dying due to global warming. To do this, the global temperature rise needs to be reduced to and kept at 1.5°C more than it was before the industrial revolution, and we are already at 1.1°C. This can only be achieved if GHG emissions are lowered by 45% by 2030 and if Net Zero is achieved by 2050. The world has to completely change how production, consumption, and transportation happen. This is why more than 70 countries have decided to work together to try and remove about 76% of GHG to achieve Net Zero by 2050.

The UK is one of the top 20 countries responsible for GHG emissions. Several laws and acts, along with a Net Zero strategy, have been put into place to help with achieving Net Zero by 2050. The strategy makes use of the UK’s sustainability strengths, including offshore wind, nuclear energy, CO2 storage, green hydrogen production, green finance, electric vehicle implementation, and the research and technology sector. Research is also being done into the sustainable energy movement in the UK to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels in the generation of energy. 

Impact of Motorsports on the Environment
Motorsports are one of the worst environmentally damaging sports. This includes any form of auto-racing and motor-vehicle sport, whether it is for fun or racing. Motorsports include cars, motorcycles, and any vehicle that uses an engine. Types of motorsports include auto car racing, motorcycle racing, kart racing, motor rallying, hovercraft racing, boat racing, truck racing, snowmobile racing, lawn mower racing, and air racing. These sports take place on just about any surface, like racetracks, tarmac, dirt roads, grass, sand, mud, water, snow, and ice.

These sports use a lot of fossil fuels and produce large amounts of GHG. It not only contributes to air pollution but also ground pollution. The number of tires used just for motorsports is staggering, especially when you consider that they eventually end up in landfills and garbage heaps. The burning of tires also produces a large amount of smoke. The parts and bodywork of motor vehicles are also non-renewable and not biodegradable. Offroad motorsports can also lead to soil erosion and the disturbance of plants and wildlife.

Motorsports and Sustainability
There are a few ways that motorsports can become more eco-friendly. Drivers can use electric vehicles instead of fossil fuel vehicles. Electric cars emit no GHG and use electricity generated by renewable energy sources. Hybrid cars that use electricity and fossil fuels are also being considered. Some motorsports are also looking into vehicles that use sustainable fuels like biofuel, bioethanol, and hydrogen power.

Motorsport events also have an impact on the environment, and it is up to everyone involved to determine if that effect will be positive or negative. People who attend the event can be encouraged to make use of public transportation, carpooling, or even cycling to get to the venue. Waste reduction and removal initiatives can be implemented at events to take care of garbage, sewerage, and vehicle parts. We’re talking about reducing, reusing, and recycling. Alternative energy-generating methods can be used to power events and all necessary equipment. Participants can make use of more environmentally friendly ways to transport vehicles and equipment to and from events.

Local communities can be involved in the organisation, supply, and sponsoring of events so that local businesses can be promoted. The events can also be used to promote sustainability to everyone in attendance. Motorsports can create sustainability campaigns to attract eco-friendly sponsors and investors. It will also make fans more aware of the importance of sustainability. A lot of motorsports campaigns have started to place the issue of sustainability at the top of their agendas so that they can be sure to use more environmentally-friendly methods, materials, and fuels. Some motorsports campaigns have invested in carbon-offsetting initiatives. Motorsports campaigns can invest in research being done on sustainability and become involved with sustainability charities.

The Sport for Climate Action Framework has five core principles. The first is to take action to promote environmental responsibility. The second is to lower the impact on the climate. The third is to educate people about acting on the climate. Fourth is the promotion of sustainable and responsible consumption. Fifth is the advocacy of climate change by using communication.


This article very briefly outlined the Tripple Bottom Line of sustainability. It also looked at what Net Zero means and how it relates to sustainability. The global efforts to achieve Net Zero by 2050 were explained. The UK’s Net Zero strategy was given a short explanation. The different kinds of motorsports were outlined, along with their impacts on the environment. The ways that motorsport can be more sustainable were also given. The possibility of a sustainable future in motorsports was looked at.

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