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Keep Track Of Your Machine With The R&G-Distributed Tracker Nano Plus

Keep Track Of Your Machine With The R&g-distributed Tracker Nano Plus!Bike theft is unfortunately all too common, but R&G is offering riders a low-cost vehicle tracking solution designed to help them keep track of their pride and joy.

The Nano Plus by Tracker utilises powerful GPS technology to ensure you always know where your bike is.

Often considered the original vehicle tracking brand, Tracker has an enviable reputation for protecting two and four wheels. Designed for motorcycles, the pioneering Tracker Nano Plus is a tiny, battery-powered device that utilises powerful GPS technology to ensure that owners are always able to locate their machine.

The discreet size of the Nano Plus ensures that it can be easily installed onto almost any powered or non-powered asset, tucking away out of sight. Offering three-year battery life, the Nano Plus is powered by a built-in power source, ensuring that it does not drain your motorcycle’s battery. To ensure the Nano Plus remains protected when exposed to the elements, the device is pre-installed in an IP67 waterproof case.

Alongside being able to track their bike via the Tracker Touch app, riders will also enjoy 24/7 monitoring via a Secure Operating Centre, as well as nationwide support from all UK police forces. In order to benefit from this full functionality, riders will need to sign up for a monthly description with Tracker for just £3 a month.

The Tracker Nano Plus is available from R&G now, costing £133.33 (plus VAT), and further information can be found here.

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