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Lennox Lehmann secures maiden win in rain-drenched Race 1

Lennox Lehmann Secures Maiden Win In Rain-drenched Race 1In a thrilling and unpredictable WorldSSP300 Race 1 at the Acerbis Czech Round, Lennox Lehmann (Freudenberg KTM – Paligo Racing) emerged as the surprise winner, showcasing remarkable skill and strategy in changing weather conditions.

The race saw riders make a risky choice between staying out on slick tyres or pitting for wet tires due to rain. Lehmann’s decision to stay out on slicks paid off handsomely, earning him his first-ever victory in the Championship.Lennox Lehmann Secures Maiden Win In Rain-drenched Race 1

Marco Gaggi (Team BrCorse) and Daniel Mogeda (Kawasaki GP Project) also impressed with their maiden podium finishes, securing second and third places, respectively, in a race marked by strategic gambles.

Lennox Lehmann Secures Maiden Win In Rain-drenched Race 1WorldSSP300 Race 1 Results
1. Lennox Lehmann (Freudenberg KTM-Paligo Racing)
2. Marco Gaggi (Team BrCorse) +3.470s
3. Daniel Mogeda (Kawasaki GP Project) +26.216s
4. Ioannis Peristeras (ProGP Racing) +36.812s
5. Jose Luis Perez Gonzalez (Accolade Smrz Racing BGR) +40.061s
6. Petr Svoboda (Fusport-RT Motorsport by SKM-Kawasaki) +48.632s

WorldSSP300 Championship standings
1. Dirk Geiger (Freudenberg KTM-Paligo Racing) 116 points
2. Petr Svoboda (Fusport-RT Motorsport by SKM-Kawasaki) 105 points
3. Jose Luis Perez Gonzalez (Accolade Smrz Racing BGR) 101 points

WorldSSP300 Tissot Superpole Results
1. Jose Luis Perez Gonzalez | Kawasaki | 1’46.162s
2. Matteo Vannucci | Yamaha | +0.034s
3. Marc Garcia | Kove | +0.260s

Lennox Lehmann Secures Maiden Win In Rain-drenched Race 1P1 | Lennox Lehmann | Freudenberg KTM – Paligo Racing
“It was an incredibly hard race because I just saw so many riders crashing in the first few laps…there was a lot of crashes and a lot of slow riders. There were also some riders who changed to wet tyres very fast. And I was like ‘why are you guys changing the tyres still had a lot of grip.’ So I just tried and keep out, hoping the rain would stop so I could finish on the podium. In the beginning, I wanted to switch to wet tyres, but then I just missed the entry of the box two times because I was too fast in the corner before the pit entry. So I just thought it was now too late and I decided to stay on slicks and see what I could do. It was difficult because the race felt like ours. The last five laps felt really long. And I was just hoping to finish the race. It went quite good and could bring the victory.”

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