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Luke Hedger: Rising to the Challenge of British Superbikes with CDH Racing Kawasaki

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Luke Hedger: Rising to the Challenge of British Superbikes with CDH Racing Kawasaki

Luke Hedger: Rising To The Challenge Of British Superbikes With Cdh Racing Kawasaki

British superbike rider Luke Hedger is gearing up for an exhilarating season as he transitions from the British National Superstock category to the highly competitive Superbike class. With CDH Racing Kawasaki backing him, Hedger is poised to make his mark on the circuit, fuelled by his determination and past experiences.

Reflecting on his performance in the previous season, Hedger acknowledges both the highs and lows. Despite facing challenges, including struggles with tire selection at the Thruxton round, notoriously hash on tyre wear. He achieved commendable results last year, finishing the final race of the season in 6th place from 12th on the grid. These experiences have equipped him with valuable lessons and insights to enhance his performance in the upcoming season.

Hedger’s preparation for the new season has been intense, with a focus on extended training sessions to adapt to the demands of longer races and multiple races over a race weekend. He recognizes the importance of physical and mental conditioning in optimizing his performance on the track.

The support network provided by his team, led by Dean, has been instrumental in fostering a collaborative environment where ideas are exchanged, and goals are set collectively. Hedger expresses his gratitude for the camaraderie within the team, which has made him feel at home and poised for success.

Setting ambitious yet achievable goals, Hedger aims to consistently score points at every round and push for top-10 finishes. While acknowledging the formidable competition in the Superbike category, he remains optimistic about his ability to challenge the frontrunners and achieve noteworthy results.

Luke Hedger: Rising To The Challenge Of British Superbikes With Cdh Racing Kawasaki

As a rider, Hedger believes he has grown significantly since the previous season, showcasing his potential even on less-than-ideal machinery. With renewed confidence and determination, he is focused on honing his skills and delivering stellar performances on the track.

While recognizing the challenges that lie ahead, including the need for consistency in a packed racing calendar, Hedger remains undeterred in his pursuit of success. He emphasizes the importance of fan engagement, acknowledging the invaluable support of his supporters in fuelling his passion for motorcycle racing.

In addition to engaging with his fans and supporters, Hedger also expresses his gratitude towards his personal sponsors whose unwavering support plays a pivotal role in his racing career. Companies like Cheney Payroll Services, Elite Property Services, Catering Investment Services, J.I. Siney & Sons, Helmet City, LS2 Helmets, DRC Leathers, Husband Roofing Services, Barber Payne, 3 Degrees, Lean Angl, GWJ Foxy, Julie, Dan Cheats and Andy Paul provide crucial backing, enabling Hedger to pursue his passion for motorcycle racing at the highest level. Their support not only fuels his competitive endeavours but also underscores the importance of partnerships in the dynamic world of motorsports. Hedger values this collaborative effort between himself, his team, and his sponsors, recognizing their contributions towards his success on and off the track.

Offering advice to aspiring riders, Hedger emphasizes the importance of hard work, dedication, and seizing every opportunity to progress in the sport. He encourages young riders to pursue avenues such as the Spanish championship, underscoring the significance of gaining international experience.

As Hedger embarks on his journey in the British Superbike Championship with CDH Racing Kawasaki, he carries with him a wealth of experience, determination, and a burning desire to succeed, he is poised to make his mark as one of the rising stars in BSB.

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