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Tell me your style and I’ll show you which tank bag you need

Tell Me Your Style And I'll Show You Which Tank Bag You NeedGIVI has a product catalogue capable of satisfying the needs of all types of motorcyclists, from those who use their bike on a daily basis to those in need of extra load capacity on their adventures.

Every day people look to combine their clothing to create their own unique style. Two-wheeled enthusiasts also combine their accessories with their bikes to meet their needs without sacrificing their personality. For this reason, GIVI, which shares a passion and love for motorbikes, has strived throughout its 45-year history to create a wide range of products that adapt to the demands and character of each motorcyclist. This time it’s their extensive collection of tank bags with options for all tastes and frames.

GIVI, the renowned Italian brand specialising in accessories for motorbikes and motorcyclists, enhances the experience of travelling on two wheels with its range of tank bags. These are an example of Italian design applied to different stylesand also reflect a deep understanding of the needs of each type of rider. So for those who enjoy epic adventures to those who prefer more classic models, the transalpine firm has an option for everyone.

Tell Me Your Style And I'll Show You Which Tank Bag You NeedIf you have an adventure bike, the XL06 is the ideal tank bag for you

For those looking for the thrill of off-road touring, GIVI offers the tank bag from the X-LINE range, the XL06 TANKLOCK, with an expandable capacity from 15 to 20 litres. It’s made of 1200D polyester and high-strength materials and features a magnetic map holder and internal and external pockets for efficient organisation. What’s more, the TANKLOCK system ensures a quick, firm and functional one-click attachment that does not compromise riding in any way. It is available for £202.00 (VAT included).Tell Me Your Style And I'll Show You Which Tank Bag You Need

EA130B is the best choice if you have a touring bike

Lovers of long road trips will find the EA130B tank bag from their Easy-T range to be the perfect companion. With an expandable capacity of 20 to 26 litres, this magnetic bag attaches securely to the bike’s tank. Equipped with various pockets and attachment straps, it’s also made of reflective material. In addition, it includes a water-resistant cover and internal reinforcement to ensure protection of the luggage and durability of the bag itself as the miles go by. It can be purchased for £102.50 (VAT included).Tell Me Your Style And I'll Show You Which Tank Bag You Need

Speed enthusiasts need the ST612B bag

For those who love sport and naked bikes, GIVI offers the ST612B TANKLOCKtank bag, from the Sport-T line, with a capacity of 15 litres. Its thermoformed design ensures strength and durability. That’s not all; it comes equipped with a transparent panel for mobile devices and reflective details for increased visibility, making it a perfect combination of style and functionality through every turn. It can be purchased through the brand’s distributors for £148.50 (VAT included).Tell Me Your Style And I'll Show You Which Tank Bag You Need

Classic lovers don’t have to compromise on style with the CRM108

GIVI doesn’t overlook the owners of classic and custom bikes. That’s why it’s created the CRM108 TANKLOCK tank bag. With a vintage design and capacity of 8 litres, this bag is perfectly suited for café racers. It has a retro look but doesn’t compromise quality or comfort, as its materials are highly resistant. Its side pockets also make it the ideal choice for those looking to combine style and practicality. Its price is £103.00 (VAT included).

GIVI continues to offer innovative solutions that meet the demands and styles of all types of riders. And with its commitment to quality, Italian design and safety, its tank bags are reliable travel companions for every two-wheeled enthusiast.

For more information about this product or any other accessories for your motorcycle visit or call 01327 706220.

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