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New PWseries C2: Perfect for everyday city riding

New Pwseries C2: Perfect For Everyday City RidingYamaha Motor Company was founded in 1955, and during the past seven decades, the brand has become synonymous with the development of innovative new technologies and bold new concepts in the world of two-wheels. 

A pioneering spirit combined with the constant desire to explore new ideas has made Yamaha one of the most famous names in the world of motorcycles and scooters. This inquisitive nature led the company into a whole new field in the early 1990s when it put major resources into developing the Power Assist System (PAS) for bicycles. Featuring an electric motor providing assistance to the pedaling input of the rider, the Yamaha PAS was fitted to a specially designed bicycle in 1993, making it the world’s first production eBike.

Over the last 30 years, Yamaha has developed a successful line up of compact and lightweight high-torque drive units that are renowned for their smooth and instant power delivery. Using cutting-edge electronic control technologies, Yamaha drive units deliver a natural feeling that provides a unique and enjoyable riding experience. Fitted by many leading eBike brands, Yamaha drive units have established a worldwide reputation for their premium quality, outstanding reliability and efficient global backup.

New PWseries C2: Perfect for everyday city riding

Yamaha’s extensive line up of compact high-tech drive units is further strengthened with the launch of the new PWseries C2, a lightweight, stylish and versatile eBike motor aimed at the urban and commuter segments.
Developed from the successful PW-CE, the new PWseries C2 delivers 10% more torque than the previous model – giving increased all-around performance on the street.

Compact and quiet 

Its small size gives eBike designers the freedom to create a maneuverable and agile handling chassis with good ground clearance – and its whisper-quiet operation enhances the overall riding experience and contributes to a more enjoyable environment for everybody.

Powerful and light

Developing 55 Nm of torque, the PWseries C2 is a strong performer in urban and rural riding situations. Whether commuting or going downtown to the local café, this high-tech eBike motor provides plenty of instant performance combined with a natural feeling. Weighing just 3 kg, the PWseries C2 punches well above its weight to make it one of the most attractive drive units for many types of entry-level eBike.

Class-leading rider assist technologies

With 30 year’s experience in eBike drive unit design and manufacture, Yamaha is one of the leading names in the development of sophisticated rider assist technologies. The new PWseries C2 motor benefits from Yamaha’s industry-leading software that instantly responds to changing conditions so that the rider can enjoy smooth, seamless and natural feeling pedal assistance.

Automatic Support Mode

Using a range of sensors, the PWseries C2’s Automatic Support Mode can switch to any one of four different assistance settings depending on the type of riding. This ability to instantly react to situations such as gradients or headwinds means that the right level of power is automatically transmitted to the pedals whenever required, making this new drive unit ideally suited to different types of riding from congested city streets through to hilly trails.

Four levels of assist and OFF

Riders can select from one of four different levels of assist – High, Standard, Eco and Eco+ – enabling them to manage their performance to suit their type of riding. This also gives riders the opportunity to select an assist mode to match their range requirements.

Walk Assist

When the eBike is being pushed a Walk Assist function provides additional assistance that makes it easier to move when parking or crossing a pedestrian zone.

Compatible with all Yamaha displays and batteries

The PWseries C2 is fully compatible with all Yamaha displays and batteries, offering increased design flexibility to eBike manufacturers – making this new drive unit an attractive option for new urban and commuter models.

PWseries C2 technical highlights

  • Versatile new entry-level all-round eBike motor
  • Aimed at urban and commuter segment
  • Developed from the successful PW-CE design55 Nm torque – 10% more than the predecessor PW-CE
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Only 3 kg
  • Compact dimensions
  • 250 W/36 V
  • Four levels of assist mode plus OFF, also available within the Automatic Support Mode
  • Walk Assist function
  • Compatible with all Yamaha displays and batteries
  • 25 Km/h maximum support speed

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To find out more about Yamaha eBike products, please visit our website where detailed product information, as well as a history of Yamaha products and links to main customers, are available.New Pwseries C2: Perfect For Everyday City RidingFor more Yamaha Motorcycles UK news check out our dedicated page Yamaha Motorcycles UK

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