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Nick Sanders’ first ever eBike World Ride on the Yamaha Wabash RT

Nick Sanders’ First Ever Ebike World Ride On The Yamaha Wabash Rt

On 15th September 2023, legendary globetrotter Nick Sanders MBE begins another epic trip around the world on two wheels. Already famous for his numerous record-breaking adventures on a Yamaha motorcycle – as well as many journeys by bicycle – Nick is setting out on the first-ever circumnavigation of the world by electric eBike.

Starting at Yamaha Motor Europe’s HQ in Amsterdam on 15th September 2023, Nick will ride his Yamaha Wabash RT to Athens on leg 1 of this amazing 229-day challenge.

After a ferry trip to Israel the world trip continues with a 35-day ride through the Middle East to Dubai, a distance of around 5000 kms. Then it’s on to India where Nick and his Yamaha Wabash RT will ride from Mumbai, north to New Delhi and then into Nepal. After 40 days and nearly 6000 kms, this leg of the World Ride ends in Kolkata (Calcutta) in late December.

Leg 4 is through South East Asia in December and January, taking in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and then onto Malaysia during a 31 day/4400 kms cycle. Then leg 5 sees Nick take his Yamaha Wabash RT across Singapore, Jakarta and Bali where he’ll depart for Australia on 11th February.

Australia is familiar territory to Nick, having ridden through this vast country on cycles and motorcycles on many occasions. Starting in Darwin, leg 6 heads right through the centre of the red-soiled outback, then south into Adelaide and Melbourne before arriving in Sydney on 8th March after a gruelling 25 day/4600 kms trip – one of the toughest tests for rider and machine. Leg 7 in early March is a 6 day/1050 kms ride from Christchurch to Auckland in New Zealand, and then it’s off to the USA for a West to East crossing starting in LA and ending in New York on 5th April.

The final stage starts on 7th April from Madrid and runs through the Pyrenees, across France, and back to Yamaha Motor Europe’s HQ in Amsterdam on 17th April 2024.

Having covered 33,076 kms over 229 riding days on his Yamaha Wabash RT, Nick Sanders hopes to be the first man to set another two-wheel record in the circumnavigation of the world. Taking with him only a cycling jersey, shorts, spare T-shirt and spare shorts – as well as camera gear and a drone – Nick’s target is to cover over 160 kms per day on the Yamaha Wabash RT.

“I’ve been working with Yamaha for many years now, and I know that their quality and reliability is second to none. The new Yamaha Wabash RT Gravel eBike is the perfect choice for this latest record attempt. I’ve been training hard and slimmed down to 70 kilos to be 100% fit for this journey. I’m really looking forward to this ground-breaking eBike World Trip which has been made possible with Yamaha’s support – including a total of 8 battery swaps at strategic locations. See you in Amsterdam in 229 days!”

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