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Production of the new Ducati Scrambler begins

Production Of The New Ducati Scrambler BeginsProduction of the new Ducati Scrambler, already featured in the seventh episode of the Ducati World Première 2023, has begun in the Borgo Panigale plant. A new Ducati Scrambler completely renovated in style and concepts, that maintains the spirit and the original energy that have made this family a worldwide success for over 100,000 enthusiasts. An unmistakable, dynamic, accessible and safe motorcycle for everyday use, with a new captivating and modern design, dedicated to those seeking freedom and wishing to express their lifestyle through their choices.

The production of the first unit was celebrated in the new Finitura e Delibera Estetica building  with an event in perfect Ducati Scrambler style. After the traditional “christening” by CEO Claudio Domenicali, the ceremony was in fact transformed into a party animated by music in which all the employees were able to admire all nine colours of the new Ducati Scrambler as a preview.

The customization possibilities, which have always been a distinctive element of the Ducati Scrambler, go even further with this second generation thanks to the new Icon tank. The coloured portion is a cover that can be easily replaced, as can the mudguards, rim tags and headlamp covers. Thus the look of the Ducati Scrambler can adapt to all tastes with great ease. The three basic colours (’62 Yellow, Thrilling Black and Ducati Red) are joined by another six (Storm Green, Rio Celeste, Tangerine Orange, Jade Green, Sparkling Blue, Velvet Red), available as an accessory kit, to dress up the new Ducati Scrambler Icon in nine different liveries.

Thanks to a weight reduction of 4 kg, the new Ride-by-Wire and the Quick Shift accessory, the Ducati Scrambler offers a more brilliant ride. And it is also safer, more modern, digital and technological thanks to Riding Modes, Ducati Traction Control and the new colour TFT dashboard. All this without betraying that simplicity and authenticity that have always represented essential values for all Ducati Scrambler enthusiasts. Air-cooled Desmodue twin-cylinder engine, trellis frame, wide handlebars, low centre of gravity and fun to ride remain essential features also for the new generation of Ducati Scrambler.

The result of this recipe is three new Ducati Scramblers: Icon, Full Throttle and Nightshift. Three bikes with a different imprint, united by a relaxed riding position and low weight, to offer enthusiasts of all experience and abilities great riding pleasure, both in urban journeys and on trips out of town.

Production Of The New Ducati Scrambler Begins

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