Spanish Invasion: Urban Moto Takes Charge as Rieju Hard Enduro Distributor

Spanish Invasion: Urban Moto Takes Charge As Rieju Hard Enduro DistributorMade in Spain since 1942, Rieju has a long and established history in off road competition and took over the rights to the former Gas Gas enduro 2T motor and platform back in 2020. 
Taking the Spanish National Enduro Enduro title in 2023 the factory race team now participate in both the FIM World Hard Enduro Championship and the Super Enduro FIM World Championship amongst many international events.
Competition improves the Breed: with continual developments derived from racing the latest machines feature proven top shelf components in a potent package, race capable out of the box. A full range of approved accessories and performance upgrades have been developed to allow riders to tailor the bikes to individual preferences and riding conditions.
The Hard Enduro Range underscores the brand’s dedication to extreme enduro riding and all-terrain adventure. Starting at just £5395 models range from 125 cc to 300cc, there is a wide variety of options available. These include the MR PRO 125 4T, MR 200/300 RANGER, MR 200/250/300 RACING, MR 200/250/300 PRO, Plus special edition MR 300 SIX DAYS. 
Urban Moto Distribution will provide full parts, technical and marketing support. UK stock is in place now and interested dealers are should reach out at the earliest convenience to secure their area. 
In addition to race team and rider support. UK Rieju riders Rosie Rowlet and Will Hoare who are currently 1st and 5th at World Championship level will be in action at the Welsh Valleys Hard Enduro event on the 11/12th May.