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WP Suspension Unveils Game-Changing APEX PRO Components

Wp Suspension Unveils Game-changing Apex Pro ComponentsWP Suspension unveils game-changing APEX PRO Components for 2024 KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R.

P Suspension – a leader in high-performance suspension systems – is proud to announce two groundbreaking aftermarket PRO COMPONENTS systems for the 2024 KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R: the APEX PRO 8500 Cartridge and the APEX PRO 8750 Shock. These cutting-edge components mark a new era of riding experience, combining state-of-the-art technology with race-inspired design.

Wp Suspension Unveils Game-changing Apex Pro ComponentsThe new APEX PRO 8500 Cartridge: revolutionising riding precision and comfort

The APEX PRO 8500 Cartridge is the pinnacle of performance innovation, meticulously engineered with precision and finesse. Derived from the esteemed WP Factory Racing, this cartridge incorporates revolutionary CLOSED CARTRIDGE Technology, promising to transform both racetrack precision and road comfort.

Key Features:

  • Inheritance of advanced technology from WP Factory Racing
  • Race-ready aesthetic defining excellence
  • Enhanced feedback on the racetrack, establishing an unparalleled connection between rider and asphalt
  • Redefined comfort on the road with a harmonious blend of performance and ease
  • Increased reserves and safety for later braking and confident exploration of limits
  • Heightened sense of control and intuitive feeling

Consistency and reliability are at the forefront of the APEX PRO 8500 Cartridge‘sdesign, with each component undergoing precision CNC machining to ensure durability and performance consistency.

Article number – A624C122X702220
Retail price – £1,749.97

Wp Suspension Unveils Game-changing Apex Pro ComponentsThe new APEX PRO 8750 Shock: elevate your yide with superior engineering

The APEX PRO 8750 Shock is engineered to elevate riding through an extraordinary blend of cutting-edge engineering and race-inspired design, deriving its technological prowess and iconic aesthetics from WP Factory Racing.

Key Features:

  • Superior grip for improved acceleration and excellent rear stability
  • More reserves and safety, allowing for a later braking experience
  • Heightened sense of control to explore the limits of your ride
  • Precision CNC machining for durability and consistent performance
  • Potentiometer mounting points for customisation and fine-tuning suspension settings

Article number – A624C422X413220
Retail price – £1,925.08

Wp Suspension Unveils Game-changing Apex Pro ComponentsThe introduction of new APEX PRO COMPONENTS reinforces WP Suspension’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance and providing riders with unparalleled experiences. Whether tearing up the racetrack or cruising on the road, the APEX PRO 8500 Cartridge and APEX PRO 8750 Shock promise to redefine the standards of precision, comfort and control.

The APEX PRO 8500 Cartridge and the APEX PRO 8750 Shock are available now from WP AUTHORISED CENTRES. Both products allow fitment to the following models:


2024 1390 SUPER DUKE R
2020 1290 SUPER DUKE R

For more detailed information visit your nearest WP AUTHORISED CENTRE or go to

For more aftermarket news check out our dedicated page Motorcycle Aftermarket News

For more detailed information visit your nearest WP AUTHORISED CENTRE or go to the WP Suspension official website

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