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120dB Disc Lock from Kovix

120db Disc Lock From KovixCombining seriously solid stainless steel construction and an ear-splitting alarm, the new Kovix KNX15 Disc Lock adds two layers of security in one for motorcycles and scooters.

Bike theft remains an ever-present threat in Britain. Powered two wheelers were 11 times more likely to be stolen than cars in 2021, and represented over 25% of all stolen vehicles in the UK.

To reduce risk, both the Metropolitan Police and the Motorcycle Industry Association advise riders to ‘layer’ security – using more than one device to maximise protection.

The Kovix KNX15 alarmed disc lock adds two layers of security in one device. Its strong stainless steel body and 14mm carbide-reinforced locking pin stop the brake disc from rotating, preventing the bike from being ridden or wheeled away. Both are designed to resist hammer and cutting tool attacks.

The pin is double-locking, which stops the ‘jaw’ of the lock from being prized open, and it is operated with a pick-proof maximum security key.

Encased in the steel body is an ear-piercing 120db alarm, which activates whenever the built-in Triaxial Shock and Movement Sensors detect anyone interfering with the machine. Louder than a police siren (110dB), the ear-splitting noise is enough to put off even the most determined thieves.

An easy-to-use on/off function allows the alarm to be disabled and re-armed by the user. An automatic reset feature also features, should the system be accidentally activated.

Easily stashed in luggage or under a seat, so you can take it wherever you travel, the Kovix KNX15 retails at £134.99. It comes complete with a long-life lithium battery, carry bag and full instructions.

For further information visit Disc Lock From Kovix

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