Alpinestars Launches Tech-Air Off-Road

Alpinestars Launches Tech-air Off-roadAlpinestars launches Tech-Air® Off-Road: the most advanced electronic airbag system for ultimate off-road protection.

The world’s first dedicated off-road Airbag System, Tech-Air® Off-Road, is an FIM* homologated Airbag System designed specifically to handle the rigors of fast off-road riding and Rallies as well as provide unrivalled upper body protection on the trails. Tech-Air® Off-Road comes with 3 Riding Modes: ENDURO, RALLY, AND STREET, making it the perfect choice for every type of off-road and adventure riding.

Developed and tested since 2017, with hundreds of professional Rally racing and Dakar riders, and in the most grueling conditions in all types of terrain, the Tech-Air® Off-Road System was used by 107 riders in the 2024 Dakar, including the full podium with Ricky Brabec, Ross Branch, and Adrien Van Beveren, as well as the rest of the top 8 riders.Alpinestars Launches Tech-air Off-road

Tech-Air® Off-Road’s crash detection algorithms have been fine-tuned with over 10,000 hours and millions of kilometers of logged riding data. Now, riders across the world will be able to rely on and trust the same protection that top professionals do.

The Tech-Air® Off-Road System is a perfect solution for any type of adventure, enduro, and dual-sport riders, allowing users to easily and quickly select their Riding Mode algorithm based on their chosen type of terrain or style of riding. Simply put on the System, zip it up, ride the highway to the trails, toggle the display to select the desired Riding Mode algorithm, and start the adventure. Activating the Tech-Air® Off-Road is as simple as zipping up or unzipping the System; a 2-second vibrating haptic alert notifies the rider when the System is activated or deactivated.Alpinestars Launches Tech-air Off-road

The Tech-Air® Off-Road System uses a series of tri-axial sensors, including 3 accelerometers and 3 gyroscopes, which in turn, communicate with the System’s computer, sending data inputs every millisecond, or a thousand times a second. The System comes with the ability to select 3 separate Riding Modes: ENDURO, RALLY, AND STREET. Each Riding Mode offers an optimized riding algorithm allowing the System to detect an imminent impact and deploy the protective airbag in crash situations.

  • ENDURO Mode is optimized for low and medium-speed trail riding, on unpaved surfaces like gravel, riverbeds, mud, and other natural terrain.
  • The RALLY algorithm is optimized for fast off-road action on any type of terrain, including cross-country, Baja, and Rally Raid competition type use. RALLY Mode is recommended for riding characterized by longer straight sections with multiple bumps and different types of terrain crossed at higher speeds, most typical desert terrain with dunes and sandy ground, gravel, and open countryside settings.
  • STREET Mode, just like on other Tech-Air® Systems, is optimized for any type of street riding on paved roads.

Alpinestars Launches Tech-air Off-roadRiding Modes are easy to navigate while on the move via the LED Display located on the front of the System, or via the Tech-Air® App.

Specifically conceived for off-road riding, the Tech-Air® Off-Road when deployed, provides airbag coverage protecting the rider by delivering CE Level 1 – ACTIVE AIRBAG Full Chest and Full Back protection, plus coverage to the shoulders, neck, and collarbones in the event of a crash. The System is integrated with an Alpinestars’ Off-Road Protection Jacket equipped with a CE Level 2 – PASSIVE Full Chest protector and CE Level 1 – PASSIVE Full Back armor, as well as removable armor at the shoulders and elbows. This combination offers riders enhanced roost protection against rocks, debris, and other obstacles they may encounter on the trail.Alpinestars Launches Tech-air Off-road

The Tech-Air® Off-Road System is a dual deployment system and comes installed with two gas inflators, providing riders with two individual airbag deployments before needing to replace the gas inflator canisters. This means a rider can experience a deployment, get up, and keep on going, knowing there’s another deployment ready to protect them if needed. Gas inflator replacement is quick and easy and is made even more convenient thanks to the possibility for customers to change their own canisters (available in some countries that allow personal handling of gas inflators). In addition, if the airbag bladder itself has not been damaged during a deployment, the bladder is certified for up to four individual deployments before requiring service.Alpinestars Launches Tech-air Off-road

When it comes to other features and benefits, the Tech-Air® Off-Road is Bluetooth-enabled, allowing riders to easily update their System with new releases of the software via the free Tech-Air® App. Additionally, there is a wide variety of functionalities within the App, giving riders the ability to check System status, consult the User Manual, and record their rides on an enhanced Google map, just to name a few. Regarding battery life, a fully charged battery will provide the system with 30 hours of active ride time. A low battery will fully charge in about 4 hours; charging the battery for approximately 1 hour will provide approximately 8 hours of riding time.Alpinestars Launches Tech-air Off-road

*Note: As mandated by the applicable rally FIM regulation, the Tech-Air® OFF-ROAD System has been tested in static conditions to comply with the FIM regulation where neck movements are limited to a maximum of 40° on the rear and 30° maximum on a lateral direction, helping tremendously to reduce and/or mitigate any sort of whiplash and/or neck injury.

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