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Dainese Introduces Its 2024 D-AIR® Racing Suits

Dainese Introduces Its 2024 D-air® Racing SuitsDainese introduces its 2024 D-AIR® racing suits: three new state-of-the-art motorcycle suits.

Lightness, ergonomics and extreme protection for the most advanced Dainese racing suits ever.

Dainese presents the new MUGELLO 3 D-AIR®, MISANO 3 D-AIR® and MISANO 3 D-AIR® WMN: three state-of-the-art, lightweight, high-performance motorbike suits, equipped with the revolutionary triple-activation D-air® Racing airbag and the pentaxial elastic system, designed to offer the very highest levels of performance and safety on the track, as well as maximizing comfort and ergonomics.

The latest incarnation of the D-air® RACING SHIELD 3X system – featuring the Racing Shield 3x airbag with patented microfilament technology that allows for up to three consecutive activations – ensures maximum safety on the bike. The system takes safety to the next level by allowing the rider to independently replace the gas generator up to 3 times before the airbag needs replacing.

Dainese Introduces Its 2024 D-air® Racing SuitsPlus, Riding Mode by Dainese allows to choose the airbag use mode depending on whether you’re on the road or the track. The right mode selection offers the greatest possible safety for the conditions to be faced.

Superior performance is guaranteed by the technologies used in the construction of all three of these suits, rendering them extremely ergonomic; in addition, they are the lightest racing suits with an integrated airbag system. Specifically, the Mugello 3 weighs 20% less than the lightest suit with an integrated airbag system currently on the market. Safety, superior quality and comfort meet unprecedented lightness.

The innovative pentaxial elastic system on the back enables maximum freedom in the saddle in any riding position, due to the suit’s capacity to stretch in five directions, adapting seamlessly to the rider’s movements.

The new Veloce Racing Neck design, race-tested by MotoGP riders, reduces pressure on the neck, increasing freedom of movement and control. The Pro-Armor protectors on the shoulders and the soft inserts on the hips provide comfortable protection in all racing conditions. The new Soft Edges Construction system on the nape and cuffs – made from engineered abrasion-resistant and breathable fabric – enables maximum fit adaptability on all sizes and arm lengths.Dainese Introduces Its 2024 D-air® Racing Suits

The metal plates (titanium for the Mugello 3, aluminum for the Misano 3 and Misano 3 WMN) on the knees, shoulders and elbows – an iconic technology used across Dainese racing clothing – are designed to facilitate sliding in the event of a fall, minimizing the risk of rolling and maximizing energy dissipation.

Innovation in every detail: the latest evolution of the Replaceable Slider System (RSS) 4.0 now enables the knee slider to be changed without altering the position of the base attached to the Velcro on the suit. This makes it possible to maintain an ideal position at all times, simply replacing the new slider. Innovation also comes to the elbows of the suit, which now offer two different slider positions; these can be easily adjusted with one hand with no need for tools, so riders can always choose their preferred position on the basis of the lean angle achieved.

Thermal comfort is guaranteed through the perforated areas on both sides of the suit, with larger vents at strategic points, for the best performance even on the hottest days at the track.

Finally, the in-and-out boot system allows the boot to be worn both inside and outside the suit, as the rider chooses. The waterbag kit and the new removable and washable inner liner complete the highly versatile features of Dainese’s most advanced suits ever.

Dainese Introduces Its 2024 D-air® Racing SuitsThe MUGELLO 3 PERF. D-AIR® 1PC LEATHER SUIT, crafted entirely from high-quality durable kangaroo leather, will be available for 4,449.95 euros. The MISANO 3 PERF. D-AIR® 1PC LEATHER SUIT, made from D-Skin 2.0 full-grain cowhide which offers excellent ergonomics and performance, will retail at 2,499.95 euros. In the women’s version, the price of the MISANO 3 PERF. D-AIR® 1PC LEATHER SUIT WMN in D-Skin 2.0 full-grain cowhide will be 2,499.95 euros.

Dainese presents its new racing suits with integrated D-air® airbag system and revolutionary RACING SHIELD 3X technology. Extreme performance and lightness for the track. The most cutting-edge Dainese suits ever. Mugello 3, Misano 3 and Misano 3 WMN will soon be available in stores,

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