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LS2 Serra Evo Ladies Jacket

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LS2 Serra Evo Ladies Jacket

Ls2 Serra Evo Ladies Jacket The LS2 Serra Evo Ladies Jacket is an all-purpose jacket ready to take you from the daily commute to a long tour. Suitable for most weather conditions, it is waterproof, breathable and well-fitted. 

The LS2 Serra Evo Ladies jacket is well fitted to a woman’s shape and suitable for a variety of motorcycling rides.

Earlier in the year (June), I had a trip to Norway and this time it was a different style of riding. I knew there would be plenty of off-roading to do and wanted a jacket that would be suitable for any weather without having to stop to adjust anything. LS2 Serra Evo Jacket fitted the requirement. It is waterproof and breathable with vents for warmer days. It also comes with a thermal lining but I was hoping that won’t be necessary (it wasn’t).

What I really like about the jacket is the flattering fit for a lady. With several adjustments available, it really follows the body shape beautifully for a look that is safe and attractive.

The jacket has several features that make it more premium than its price tag.

Ls2 Serra Evo Ladies JacketInitially, the jacket didn’t make a notable impression on me when I took it out of its packaging. The feel of the material felt familiar, I have other jackets like this. Just another black jacket, nothing special. It is a shame the back protector doesn’t come with the jacket and I had to fish for one in my wardrobe to find a good fit for the back protector pocket.

Luckily this all changed as soon as I tried the jacket. Not only it’s a great fit for a lady, it is also very comfortable. I was keen to go for a ride to give it a proper test and it didn’t disappoint. There is plenty of give to move freely on the bike, whether I use it on an adventure bike, a sports bike and an off-roader.

The jacket contains a fixed, breathable and waterproof lining and a fixed mesh lining. The outer layer of fabric has strong resistance to abrasion, it is tear-resistant and feels soft to the hand ensuring wearable comfort.

Ls2 Serra Evo Ladies JacketThe collar features a soft lining and neoprene edge to minimize chafing and for added comfort. There is a velcro strap at the front to secure the collar in place.

The jacket has four pockets plus one in the thermal liner.

For visibility, the jacket incorporates reflective bands that are very subtle in the daylight, they just look like a light grey detail.

There are several places on the jacket with the brand name but they are done in a very subtle way which makes the jacket look good.

All of the zippers are YKK, with the main zippers having convenient glove-friendly pull tabs. The ventilation zippers at the front and the back have the same glove-friendly pull tabs. This is very handy to be able to open/close the vents on the go.

Additionally, the jacket has a magnetic fastening at the bottom of the zip to keep it securely covered up and protected from the rain.

Wearing the jacket is very comfortable from the start and it gets even more comfortable after a few wears. The sleeves are long to cover the gloves if you like to wear them under the cuff and the back of the jacket is long enough to stop the wind from coming up the back and inside the jacket.Ls2 Serra Evo Ladies Jacket

Despite the two vents at the front and two on the back, this isn’t a  jacket to wear on a very hot day. It does the job perfectly in most weather situations, it kept me dry in a big downpour and protected me well in a hailstorm.

The jacket is fully waterproof thanks to its integrated waterproof lining that is also breathable to stop that ‘boil in the bag’ feeling.

I have used the jacket for a couple of months and as it was late spring we were lucky to see plenty of sunshine. On the few occasions I rode in the rain, the jacket did get a good test. The rain was a downpour and on one occasion I rode through a hailstorm. I was delighted to note that the jacket is indeed, waterproof as none of my layers underneath were wet.Ls2 Serra Evo Ladies Jacket

The jacket is great for ¾ of the year with the removable thermal lining but it doesn’t have much of a cooling factor for very hot days.

Having ridden some dusty gravel roads, the jacket was very dirty and covered in dust. Despite the instructions not recommending the use of running water, I have used a hosepipe on a ‘shower’ setting and rinsed off the dust. The jacket was hung on a line and dried by the next day, looking like new again.

Having worn the jacket for a couple of months on different trips, I am pleasantly surprised as it is a far more premium jacket than its price tag suggests. It is comfortable, well-fitting and definitely waterproof.

I have used it on a 6-day tour on and off road, where the weather was warm and sunny but we rode in the mountains with snow still on the ground. When the temperatures dropped all I had to do was close the vents at the front and keep riding. The same when we were rained upon, I didn’t have to stop. I did wear a backpack which covered the vents on the back so that wasn’t an issue.Ls2 Serra Evo Ladies Jacket

I have ridden an adventure bike, an off-road bike and a sports bike in this jacket and it was comfortable and looked good on all of them. It is marketed as a sports jacket but it really is very versatile and suitable for more than a single riding style.

Serra evo Jacket is £149.99 inc VAT / Ladies’ sizes XS-5XL.

Optional Level 2 CE Back Protector £29.99Ls2 Serra Evo Ladies Jacket

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