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Ducati Scrambler, even more customisable with the new accessories line

Ducati Scrambler, Even More Customisable With The New Accessories LineEver since it was first presented in 2015, Ducati Scrambler has interpreted the most authentic expression of motorcycling, characterised by a free, positive and non-conformist spirit, and open to a meeting of styles and infinite customisations.

A bike that has attracted over 100,000 new enthusiasts all over the world, with a timeless design and technical features that make it a modern motorbike in its own right.

Completely redesigned, the Ducati Scrambler introduces technological elements to its segment that make it safer, such as ABS Cornering and Ducati Traction Control, managed through Riding Mode. And being lighter (-4 kg compared to the previous model) it is even more accessible, easy and fun.

However, the Ducati Scrambler remains a bike created from birth to be customised, and thus adapt to all needs and tastes. In addition to the exclusive possibility of choosing  9 different colours through a customisation kit that totally changes the look of the bike, there is also a wide range of original accessories designed to match the aesthetics to the taste of each rider. Everyone will be able to create the Ducati Scrambler of their dreams without compromising reliability and performance, and still enjoy the official Ducati warranty.Ducati Scrambler, Even More Customisable With The New Accessories LineTermignoni street-legal silencer (96482231AA)
For those who love the ease of riding the Ducati Scrambler and want to liven up the sound of their twin-cylinder, without affecting its smooth and full-bodied delivery, the Ducati accessories catalogue offers a Termignoni silencer made with a black painted sleeve and carbon fibre end cap. A matching band between the cap and sleeve continues with the standard colour of the bike and completes the sporty look of this silencer approved for road circulation but clearly inspired by Ducati’s racing DNA.

Ducati Scrambler, Even More Customisable With The New Accessories LineSpoked wheels (96380191AA)
The latest generation Ducati Scrambler was born with aluminium alloy wheels, light in design and combined in black with the main elements of the chassis which enhance the contemporary character of the motorbike. As an alternative, it is possible to equip the motorbike with a pair of spoked wheel rims, suitable for those who appreciate and want to accentuate the more classic and stylish side of the Ducati Scrambler. The dimensions of the rims are identical to the standard ones and the matching tyres remain tubeless. The rim channel is painted black to maintain the chromatic link to the other elements of the chassis, while the spoke finish can be black or polished steel.

Ducati Quick Shift (96581221AA)
The fun of riding and comfort in city use of the Scrambler increases by fitting the Ducati Quick Shift, supplied as standard on the Full Throttle. Derived from Ducati sports bikes, the system allows you to shift up and down the gears without using the clutch and without closing the throttle, increasing the speed of acceleration and deceleration.

Turn-by-turn navigation software (96581211A)
The integrated navigator is based on the Ducati Multimedia System, which uses the motorbike’s TFT instrumentation to display the directions of the route calculated by the Ducati Link App. In this way you can take advantage of the navigation functions without having an external device. It is an official Ducati Performance accessory and can be purchased at Ducati Stores together with the motorcycle or even later, thus allowing it to be used even by those who already own a Scrambler.
Ducati Scrambler, Even More Customisable With The New Accessories Line
Ducati aluminium kit by Rizoma
The Ducati Scrambler was created to express the personality of the person who rides it, and further emphasise its character according to details and personal taste. Thanks to collaboration with Rizoma it is possible to enrich each Scrambler with elements in fine aluminium machined from solid and expertly modelled by CNC machining. Lightness and dimensional precision characterise this line of accessories which includes fuel cap, handlebar counterweights, handlebar levers and footrests.

Ducati Scrambler, Even More Customisable With The New Accessories LineThe tank cap (97780072AB/AA)  is characterised by having a resistant anodised finish available in two colours: one variant has both the flange and the cap anodised in black, while the second has the flange in aluminium colour and a black cap. In both cases the refined workmanship is highlighted by details with visible finishing and by Ducati and Rizoma logos on the cap. Of outstanding quality is the special dedicated key, also machined from solid and branded Ducati: an object so refined that it can also be used as a key ring.

Ducati Scrambler, Even More Customisable With The New Accessories LineThe Ducati by Rizoma handlebar levers (96180631BA – 96180741BA)  are not only extremely pleasing to the eye, but also equip the Ducati Scrambler with useful and sophisticated features, such as the ability to adjust the distance from the grips and reduce potential damage in the event of a fall, because they are equipped with a safety joint, both in the case of the brake lever and the clutch lever. The use of billet aluminium and exclusive 3D processing allow the weight of these elements to be kept down despite their greater construction complexity and also to improve aerodynamic resistance. An air intake located at the end of both levers, in fact, optimises air flows while the Ducati logo engraved on the front part, in contact with the rider’s fingers, improves grip and the sporty feeling while riding.

The handlebar counterweights (97380861AA/AB)  machined from solid aluminium are available in two colours: full black, or in a sportier combination, black with Ducati red details. In both cases a Ducati by Rizoma logo emphasises the exclusive design. Furthermore, as a functional element, the handlebar counterweights reduce both vibrations to the handlebars and the risk of damage to them in the event of a fall.

The oil filler cap (97380871AA/AB) made from billet aluminium adds a sporty touch to the Scrambler twin-cylinder. The precise CNC processing with which it is made makes it precious and gratifying to the eye, while high quality anodising, available in two colour variants black or red, keeps the look unchanged over time.
Ducati Scrambler, Even More Customisable With The New Accessories LineThe pair of footrests (96280501AA) created in collaboration with Rizoma are the perfect aesthetic completion of the refined and advanced look of the Scrambler. They require a dedicated adapter (96280511A)  and compared to the standard component they offer greater grip and riding feeling, enriching the total black look with visible machined details in the area of the engine. Also in this case Ducati and Rizoma logos are inevitable.

Lightness and functionality are the main qualities of all Ducati accessories designed for the Scrambler, which has built its legend on agility, ease of riding and a cool image. This is why elements such as the rear-view mirrors (96881011AA – 96881021AA) machined from solid aluminium are not only decidedly beautiful to look at, but also extremely light and rigorously approved for road circulation.
Ducati Scrambler, Even More Customisable With The New Accessories Line
Ducati has characterised the modern and unique line of the Scrambler with unmistakable details. Yet, the desire to take up the challenge and give vent to creativity is evident in the new high license plate holder (97382041AA) . Complete with LED license plate light, this accessory makes the rear view of the Scrambler bolder, giving the bike a sportier look thanks to the highlighted rear tyre and the more streamlined line of the rear.
Ducati Scrambler, Even More Customisable With The New Accessories LineTo accentuate the adventurous side of the Scrambler, Ducati offers a light and robust aluminium under-pan protective plate (97382081AA) as an accessory. Its shape follows that of the lower part of the engine, effectively protecting the filter area and oil circuits from any debris or impacts.

One of the most recognisable elements of the Ducati Scrambler is the headlight with DRL. A precious detail that can make the front view of the motorbike even more unique are the LED turn indicators (96680541A)  available in pairs and which can also be used to replace the standard rear elements. The support of these indicators is made of billet aluminium with high quality black anodisation. The high-intensity monoLED guarantees instant reactivity when switched on and excellent visibility in all light conditions, with obvious advantages in terms of active safety while riding.

The new products in the Ducati Scrambler Accessories line are available from the Bologna based company’s dealer network and online on the website.

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