From Superstock to Formula EWC: BMRT3D maxxess Nevers primed for 2024 graduation

From Superstock To Formula Ewc: Bmrt3d Maxxess Nevers Primed For 2024 GraduationBMRT3D maxxess Nevers will step up to the Formula EWC category for this season’s FIM Endurance World Championship – and is giving its existing riders and staff the opportunity to do likewise.

A frontrunner in the Superstock-based FIM Endurance World Cup, BMRT3D maxxess Nevers’ graduation underlines the squad’s ambition and determination to build on the success it has achieved in the EWC so far.

Romain Mangé, who runs the Kawasaki-powered French team, explained: “BMRT3D maxxess Nevers has been competing in the Superstock category for a few years now. We felt it was time for a new challenge and we know the bike can be very competitive in EWC because we had the opportunity to try some of the specific EWC components. This has made the switch a lot easier, but we know the Superstock and Formula EWC bikes are quite different.

“There are a lot more possible settings on the bike geometry and adapting to the new tyres is an important point as we will switch from Dunlop, the official supplier in Superstock, to Michelin or Pirelli. So we will have to quickly learn how the tyres behave and how best to use them.”

Mangé was keen to ensure that it wasn’t just a case of simply entering the Formula EWC category but of giving the opportunity for the existing BMRT3D maxxess Nevers’ riders and mechanics to make the next step as well.

“We are currently preparing the bikes in Nevers with the same staff and in the same workshop as the last seasons,” he said. “The team of volunteers has been quite stable in the last years, and we didn’t feel the need to make big changes. In terms of riders, it’s a bit of the same story. Loris Cresson and Julien Pilot are excited to switch to EWC and will stay with us. Kevin Denis will also continue with us but as the fourth reserve rider. We had different options for our third rider but decided to stay safe and his name is to be announced soon.”

Romain Mangé: “We felt it was time for a new challenge and we know the bike can be very competitive in EWC”

In terms of targets for the 2024 season, Mangé is keeping his expectations in check, initially at least. “Our goal for 2024 would be to be ahead of the first SST bike on each race,” he said. “We have a long-term relationship with our partners, the same who supported us in SST will follow the team in this new challenge. But, of course, we are always open to new partnerships, it could make a participation in the Suzuka 8 Hours possible, maybe.”

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