New XL Street Bullet Frame Sliders

New Xl Street Bullet Frame SlidersThe choice of numerous championship-winning race teams, renowned for their incredible ability to absorb the energy from high speed crashes saving damage to the chassis, GBRacing has redesigned and re-imagined the Bullet Slider for the street bike rider.

The new XL Street Bullet Frame Sliders offer the same incredible impact absorption technology with a larger puck for the ultimate in street bike chassis protection.

The XL also uses a reinforced version of the intelligently engineered mounting bush pioneered by the original Bullet Slider that effectively concertinas to absorb the energy of a direct impact.

New Xl Street Bullet Frame SlidersThis bush is also designed with a ‘sacrificial’ weak point. This means should the bike slide into a kerb, it will snap, preventing the slider from digging in, causing the bike to flip and subsequently sustain more damage.

This design also overcomes the age-old, traditional ‘crash bung’ problem of a long bolt bending in a frame at best, tearing threads out or even damaging engine mounts at worst. By using a short bolt that sits close to the bolt socket (5mm) the chance of the bolt bending and causing more (totally avoidable) damage is all but eliminated.

These larger, XL Street Bullet Frame Sliders are ideal for road riders looking for a more substantial looking crash puck to protect against accidental drops and road-speed spills.

For racing and track applications, the original Bullet Frame Sliders remain the recommended option, with proven performance at the very highest level of production racing.

Bolstering GBRacing’s commitment to providing race-developed, world-class motorcycle protection to all riders, these new XL Street Bullet Frame Sliders are available now.

Replacement pucks can also be purchased separately, in keeping with GBRacing’s ethos of affordability and reduced waste.

All GBRacing products are designed and made in the UK and are available to purchase direct from GBRacing or from its official dealers both in the UK and in 40 countries around the world.New Xl Street Bullet Frame Sliders

XL Street Bullet Frame Sliders

Available to fit several Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha models with many more coming soon

(UK prices are inclusive of VAT):

XL Street Bullet Frame Slider set
£94.99 / $121.91 / €98.95

Replacement slider
£34.99 / $44.91 / €36.45New Xl Street Bullet Frame Sliders

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