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Rapid care and many oils at Moto Bike Expo

Rapid Care And Many Oils At Moto Bike ExpoLIQUI MOLY presents the new Motorbike Detailer and its wide range of motorcycle oils at the two-wheeler trade fair.

As a specialist in chemical products for bikes, LIQUI MOLY will be presenting its extensive product range at the Motor Bike Expo in Verona. Also in the game: The new Motorbike Detailer for quick and straightforward paint care. Simply spray, wipe and you’re done.

The Motorbike Detailer not only adds shine, it also tackles dirty jobs. The spray effortlessly removes dust, dirt and even bird droppings. It is so effective that it seals and adds shine to smooth enamel for several weeks. Water beads off treated surfaces and new dirt has a hard time taking hold. This applies to smooth painted areas as well as smooth plastic surfaces.

The application of the Motorbike Detailer is just as versatile as its effect: The agent works on both dry and wet surfaces. The type of cloth is decisive for the result: preferably a high-pile microfiber cloth with laser cut. It prevents streaks and can absorb a lot of moisture. Its simple and straightforward application makes the Motorbike Detailer a useful helper for every owner of a motorcycle or scooter.

LIQUI MOLY will also be showcasing its diverse range of motor oils at Motor Bike Expo. Whereas motor oil used to be a universal lubricant, today it is a liquid spare part that must to fit the particular engine exactly. Although there are significantly fewer oil specifications for motorcycles than for cars, the wrong oil can also have serious consequences here. LIQUI MOLY has more than two dozen different motor oils. The free, online oil guide at shows the right oil for the various makes of motorbikes. After just a few clicks, it displays a list of suitable motor oils and other fluids. In addition to motor oils, LIQUI MOLY also offers gear oils, fork oils and brake fluids as well as additives, service products and care products.

Not only are more and more motorcyclists relying on quality goods from Germany, but also the teams from the Moto2 and Moto3 racing series, all of whose bikes run on LIQUI MOLY oil. And with an oil that is not a special development for racing, but is available to everyone: the LIQUI MOLY Motorbike 4T Synth 5W-40 Street Race, which will also be on display at EICMA. A new addition to the oils is Motorbike 4T 10W-50 Street, with which LIQUI MOLY is expanding its range.

Motor Bike Expo will take place from 27 to 29 January on the Fiere Verona show grounds in Verona. LIQUI MOLY can be found in Hall 6 at Booth 16L.

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