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The 2023 Royal Enfield Bullet – New Heart. Same Beat.

The 2023 Royal Enfield Bullet - New Heart. Same Beat.A gleaming symbol of limitless resilience and an enduring name in motorcycling and automotive history, the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 continues its legendary legacy in a new avatar as Royal Enfield, the global leader in the mid-size (250cc-750cc) motorcycle segment, today announced the launch of the 2023 Bullet 350.

Introduced on Royal Enfield’s proven, super-refined and smooth J-series engine platform, this iconic motorcycle, with over nine decades of heritage, proudly continues to be a fusion of resilient aesthetics and craftsmanship, the vibrant culture it has catalysed over the last nine decades, and the community and characters it represents.

The 2023 Royal Enfield Bullet - New Heart. Same Beat.Reminiscing about his memories with the Bullet at this significant juncture of its journey, Siddhartha Lal, Managing Director – Eicher Motors Ltd, said, “The summer ‘94 was when I rode solo across Europe, fearless and adventurous, on a Bullet 500. Many before me, and many after me have perhaps traversed the same journey, literally and figuratively, but it was my most memorable experience. Undoubtedly, while the Bullet has been a definitive towering symbol of what we call pure motorcycling for generations of riders, it has also been a crucial part of Royal Enfield’s history. From being a resilient, undiluted character of the communities that have adopted this iconic machine, the Bullet has become a beloved badge of honour and identity for many riders and automotive enthusiasts. Today, as the Bullet rides ahead in a new avatar, we are truly honoured to be able to play a key role in taking its legacy forward.”

If ever there was a motorcycle that has stood the test of time, it is the legendary Royal Enfield Bullet. When unveiled in 1932, its advanced features were at the forefront of motorcycle design. Radically updated in 1948, its groundbreaking swinging arm rear suspension took the motorcycling world by storm and all other motorcycle manufacturers quickly followed suit.

The 2023 Royal Enfield Bullet - New Heart. Same Beat.Its prowess over the toughest terrain, success in service with the Indian armed forces and subsequent move to production in Madras in 1955, kickstarted its stellar rise to become, for decades, the king of India’s roads. Its 2010 reinvention, with Royal Enfield’s seminal UCE engine, ensured it continued to be aspirational, as both a motorcycling and a cultural icon.

There is little that cannot be done on a Bullet! Over its remarkable lifespan Bullets have undertaken almost every task imaginable including championing in trials and International Six Days Trials competitions, setting lap records on the Isle of Man, conquering the highest mountain passes, being a trusted companion on every kind of trip, from weekend getaways to round-the-world adventures, employed as a dependable commuter and hardy workhorse, being used as a versatile platform for customisation, going into battle and being a loyal partner to more than a million passionate riders around the globe.

The 2023 Royal Enfield Bullet - New Heart. Same Beat.Not only is the Bullet the longest-running motorcycle model in production anywhere in the world, but it has also become a part of India’s social fabric, an heirloom handed down from one generation to the next and has spawned more than 1000 riders’ clubs. For these loyal enthusiasts, Bullet Meri Jaan (‘Bullet Is My Life’) is not just a grainy video and catchy song, but embodies a powerful symbolism that represents authenticity, stoicism, dependability and individuality.

And now this most practical, all-purpose motorcycle takes its unique heritage, majestic stance, rock-solid handling, torquey engine with a thumping heartbeat and simple, uncluttered looks, into an exciting new epoch.

Speaking about the launch of the new 2023 Bullet, B Govindarajan, CEO, Royal Enfield said “To me, the Bullet has been an undeniable symbol of resilient engineering and aesthetics. It has endured war and peace with unflinching reliability and has been an ally for over 90 years to the bravest of the brave. Pinstriped and handcrafted by three generations of artisans, the Bullet has retained its regal appeal without surrendering to fads and whims. The uncluttered simplicity of its form is a sharp contrast to its sturdy dependability, its mettle and character. We have purposefully endeavoured to retain the essence of the legacy of the Royal Enfield Bullet as it readies to transition to a new form and avatar and steadfastly rides on to a century and beyond”

The 2023 Royal Enfield Bullet - New Heart. Same Beat.The 2023 Bullet 350 is powered by the modern, globally acclaimed 349cc air-oil cooled single cylinder engine that also powers the Meteor, Classic and Hunter. Fuel-injected, it produces 20.2 bhp at 6100 rpm and 27 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm resulting in strong, low-end grunt, super smooth linear power delivery and a ride that’s both refined and invigorating. With a primary balancer shaft to cut down vibrations, it feels responsive and refined while its gear shifting is crisp and smooth thanks to an optimised 5-speed gearbox, ensuring a superlative ride experience. At the front are 41mm forks, a 100/90 -19 tyre and a 300mm disc brake. The rear sports a wider 120/80 -18 tyre and 270mm disc brake. Comfort is ensured by a new take on the single bench seat with careful attention paid to both ergonomics and quality materials.

The chassis is designed for improved handling and manoeuvrability. Firmer than on previous Bullets, it encourages confidence at higher cornering speeds and feels planted and stable on straight roads. This is enhanced by large diameter 41mm front forks and wider section tyres, a 100/90 -19 at the front and 120/80 -18 at the rear as compared to past Bullet versions. A 300mm disc brake is fitted at the front and 270mm disc at the rear. Comfort is ensured by a new take on the single bench seat which, along with redesigned mudguards, contributes to the subtly evolved styling, a marked improvement in the proportion, stance and aesthetic balance of the motorcycle.

The 2023 Royal Enfield Bullet - New Heart. Same Beat.The 2023 Bullet 350 for Europe is released in two distinct editions, all handcrafted with a premium finish that will delight. The Bullet Standard available in Black or Maroon colourways at £4629, is fitted with dual channel ABS and rear disc, finished with elegant hand-pinstriped body-coloured tanks and components as well as chrome and gold badges. The Bullet Black Gold is a premium variant finished with a striking combination of matt and gloss black tank, copper and gold 3D badge, copper pinstriping and on-trend, blacked-out engine and components, and comes with dual channel ABS and rear disc brakes, available at £4,709

Both European editions are built with a distinctive 13-litre, teardrop tank and the traditional Royal Enfield casquette that houses a new headlamp along with the signature ‘tiger eyes’ – pilot lights – an enduring feature on Royal Enfield motorcycles since 1954. More contemporary touches include the new digi-analog instrument cluster that houses an LCD information panel and a USB charging point mounted below the handlebar. The rider’s controls have received special focus to ensure that the design, fit and finish are top class with beautifully styled rotary switch cubes that combine ease of use with eye-catching retro appeal.

The 2023 Royal Enfield Bullet - New Heart. Same Beat.The 2023 Bullet 350 will be supported by an ecosystem of 28 Genuine Motorcycle Accessories, including nine designed and developed specifically for the Bullet. These include comfortable touring and low-rise seats and touring handlebars. There is also a selection of quality riding gear, including helmets and apparel with detailing that echo the Bullet’s legendary pinstriping.

There is no other motorcycle like the Bullet. True to its heritage yet updated and made relevant for each new generation of rider, the Bullet is the custodian of Royal Enfield’s ‘pure motorcycling’ DNA. Royal Enfield believes that now is the time for the world to see the Bullet with new eyes; to once more fall in love with this authentic, gleaming symbol of understated style and timeless resilience.

The wait is over. The new 2023 Bullet 350 is here to own its rightful place as the Jewel in Royal Enfield’s magnificent crown

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