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Welcome to MyGARAGE

Welcome To MygarageGIVI launches its new virtual meeting point between the Italian brand and two-wheel users with a wide range of advantages.

Often when we buy something for our motorbike, it can be difficult to understand the instruction manual to mount it, to know what accessories we can add to it or even to manage its warranty. In a bid to offer the best solution to any of these problems, GIVI, the renowned transalpine brand of motorbike and motorcyclist equipment, is betting on the latest technology, both in the design of its products and in dealing with its customers, to create its new platform, MyGARAGE. It’s a website designed for lovers of two wheels where we can find goodies of all kinds, like extensions of up to two years of warranty on GIVI items, video tutorials on the assembly of its accessories, instruction manuals for accessories, recommendations for the bike, wish lists and even a summary of all the GIVI materials we have. It’s an exclusive club that meets the requirements of even the most demanding bikers.

MyGARAGE is a new way to connect all GIVI customers. Imagine it as a kind of spokesperson for the brand. Through a direct exchange of information between the manufacturer and the user, this platform will be beneficial for both. Consumers will be able to offer feedback on the brand’s products and influence product updates or upcoming product launches, allowing the company to know and offer solutions to all the needs that motorcyclists may have. At the same time, those same motorcyclists will receive special treatment and exclusive opportunities.

Welcome To MygarageThe platform is simple to use. It can be accessed on the GIVI website, where we can register in MyGARAGE, filling in our details and disclosing the model of our motorbike. Once we have logged in, we will find a desktop where the vehicle we selected when we registered will appear. On this screen we can add the GIVI products we already have, extend their warranty for 2 years by filling in a short form and access their instruction manuals. What’s more, there is a section where we find some items recommended for our bike, or that might interest us according to the accessories we already have.

It also has a gallery classified by categories where we can find anything, from interviews with members of the LCR MotoGP Team, to videos showing the new products, tutorial videos or different experiences of other lovers of two wheels. It’s an interesting section for those who want to know a little more about the brand and everything they do.

The platform also allows us to create a wish list in which we can include all the brand’s products that we would like to have on our bike and see their price at that moment. Finally, we have a section where we can access all the catalogues of the Italian brand. And that’s not all. If you access the GIVI website once you have logged in to MyGARAGE, you can add references to both the wish list and the list of accessories you already have on your bike. In addition, this website has personalisation options, allowing you to change elements such as the cover photo, profile image or user name.Welcome To Mygarage

GIVI has taken a step forward, not just in technology and innovation, but also in its relationship with the customer. Through MyGARAGE, and the safety of its products, it’s offering the best attention to its users and a perfect solution to any need that may arise on the motorbike.

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