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BE SEEN! With Oxford’s new Run Lights

Be Seen! With Oxford's New Run LightsOxford’s new Run Lights are designed to make the bike & rider more visible to other road users and thereby increase road safety.


When other road users encounter the single front or rear light of a motorcycle on a dark
road at night, it can be difficult to decide what they are seeing. Is it a motorcycle or a car
with one light out, a cyclist with a really strong front light or something else?

With only one light source our eyes struggle to calculate the size, speed, direction and
position of the vehicle approaching. That can make riders vulnerable to misjudgement of all
those factors.

If the motorcycle is carrying multiple light sources, both front and rear, our eyes can
effectively triangulate the light source to identify these factors much more easily.

That’s why Oxford has produced Run Lights, beautifully CNC-crafted from billet aluminium
and bright enough to be seen without dazzling other road users.Be Seen! With Oxford's New Run Lights

• Ancillary motorcycle running lights
• Waterproof IPX7 in-house tested
• Aluminium alloy
• Power draw 1.3 Watts (at 14.4V) per pod
• 30 Lumens
• E-marked
• CNC anodised aluminium pod construction
• Integrated stainless steel bracket
• Operating voltage: 12V – 15V
• Integrated bracket to take M10 bolt
• Front set also available
• Includes: 2 x rear running lights with integrated bracket, 2 x easy wire splicing connectors

Oxford Run Lights – Front/Rear sets.
RRP – £49.99

Also available from Oxford – Auxiliary Lights
RRP – £229.99

Be Seen! With Oxford's New Run Lights

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