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Cardo Systems Announces New Intercom Recording Feature

Cardo Systems Announces New Intercom Recording FeatureCardo Systems announces new intercom recording feature, allowing riders to seamlessly capture adrenalin-filled journeys with the push of a button.

Cardo Systems, the global market leader in wireless communication systems for powersports riders, today introduced an all-new voice recording feature, allowing PACKTALK EDGE, NEO and CUSTOM (with a Platinum Package) riders to easily record and save intercom audio. The feature is made available with a push of a button via the Cardo Connect mobile app and its newest 7.0 software update.

The ability to seamlessly record Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) chats and share thrilling stories and conversations is yet another game-changing update from Cardo, as the company continues to raise the bar and bring riders together through shared ride experiences. The new update is exclusively available with DMC generation 2, which includes PACKTALK EDGE, NEO and CUSTOM (with Platinum Package) models. Now, riders can record any DMC conversations including those with first generation PACKTALK devices (e.g Bold and Black) and bridged phone connections. Riders can simply enable voice and Intercom recording by pushing the ‘mic’ button on the Cardo Connect home screen and automatically receive the saved recording directly on their phone.

“Providing solutions to enhance the riding experience is our number one goal at Cardo,” said Dan Emodi, Chief Marketing Officer, Cardo Systems. “With this update, we are at the forefront of advanced technology, offering a simple and seamless platform to record and store audio directly on the rider’s cell phone. All with just the push of a button.”

How To Use Voice Recording Feature:

  • Download Cardo Connect App.
  • On the home screen tap “voice recording button”.
  • Grant app permissions to record audio.
  • Tap mic icon to start recording.
  • Pause and resume during recording is available.
  • Stop the recording by tapping the save button.
  • The recording will be saved to your phone storage with a default name.
  • Start a new recording? Tap the mic icon again and start rolling.

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