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H&H Classics auction Hurricane X-75 Prototype to National Motorcycle Museum

H&h Classics Auction Hurricane X-75 Prototype To National Motorcycle MuseumH&H Classics most recent classic motorcycle auction has resulted in the legendary Hurricane X-75 ‘works prototype’ finding a new prestigious home at the National Motorcycle Museum.

After being offered for sale at the iconic venue, the bike, which was sold by H&H Classics for a fantastic £27,000, is now being showcased as a key highlight of the museum’s exhibit.

James Hewing, museum director at the National Motorcycle Museum, said, “In our quest to source the best vehicles for our collection, it’s important that we partner with an auction house that consistently offers high-quality lots and impeccable service. H&H Classics has an enviable and longstanding reputation in the industry, and our recent acquisition of the Hurricane X-75 through them is a testament to that. The dedication and expertise of their team is unparalleled.”

This specific 1971 model stands apart as the only road worthy ‘BSA Vetter Rocket 3’. The BSA Owners’ Club Dating Certificate backs its authenticity, with evidence suggesting only two prototypes were ever handcrafted. A handwritten note by Mr A. G. Cave, the BSA Works Manager at Small Heath, and a feature in Classic Bike magazine, further corroborate its storied past and the dedicated endeavour of John Simmonds in preserving this piece of British motorcycling history.

The iconic machine utilising a 750cc engine, is a product of Craig Vetter’s visionary design. It is verified by the BSA Club as the genuine works’ prototype. The bike, under the dedicated stewardship of John Simmonds since 1982, had woven itself into the fabric of his life, becoming more than just a vehicle. With the sad passing of John Simmonds, the bike was seeking a new chapter, and what better home than a museum dedicated to protecting the legacy of iconic motorcycles.

Craig Vetter’s design would ultimately define a new class of motorcycle: the cruiser. Vetter was commissioned to reimagine the BSA A75, and thus, the ‘works prototype’ was born. However, the journey from inception to realisation was fraught with hurdles and by 1973, the X-75 was phased out due to its inability to meet American noise standards.

Interested visitors can explore this magnificent addition at the National Motorcycle Museum. For more details on this and other exhibits, please visit the National Motorcycle Museum.

Meanwhile, those looking to add a classic scooter or motorcycle to their own collection can register to bid at H&H’s next motorcycle auction which takes place on 15 November at the National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull by visiting

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For more info on H&H Classics head to their website:

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