Motor Racing Legend Michael Dunlop Wins Sponsorship From Iconic Auctioneers

Motor Racing Legend Michael Dunlop Wins Sponsorship From Iconic AuctioneersMotor racing legend Michael Dunlop wins sponsorship from Iconic Auctioneers aiming for the title of all time winner of Isle of Man TT.

Michael Dunlop is out to improve his second place in the all-time win list at the Isle of Man TT– currently with 25 wins to his name, one behind his uncle Joey.

With the start of the Isle of Man TT close approaching, Iconic Auctioneers is delighted to announce its sponsorship of motor racing legend Michael Dunlop. Michael Dunlop, 35, is the Northern Irish professional motorcycle racer who currently sits second in the all-time win list at the Isle of Man TT with 25 wins, second only to his late uncle Joey. Bike racing is a family tradition that has come at no small cost to the Dunlops, but he is determined to lift that coveted title of Top Man at the Isle of Man TT.

Nick Whale, Chairman of Iconic Auctioneers said “We are delighted to be sponsoring Micheal as he sets out to beat his late uncle’s record. I knew Michael’s late father, Robert, and sponsored him during his racing career, and have known Michael since he was young. The family connection go back decades. It will be great to see our company logo go round the TT circuit and support Micheal in this way.”

This year Michael is attempting to beat his uncle Joey’s record of 26 TT wins. The family speak about the ‘blood of legends’ with some feeling and meaning. Nick Whale says he is funding Michael because of his deep knowledge of the Dunlop family and their capacity to deliver on their ambitions.

Michael is no stranger to triumphs in this field of motorcycle racing: he has on numerous occasions been selected by the whole global motorcycle community as the most popular motorcyclist in the world.

Iconic Auctioneers Motorcycle Department which regularly holds sales for a cross section of modern and classic motorcycles will be sponsoring Michael in two races at the TT. The RST Superbike TT on 2nd June and the Milwaukee Senior TT on 8th June.

Michael will be racing a Honda Fireblade No. 6 (his regular number) which shows support from Iconic Auctioneers, as it bears their logo.(pictured)

Motor Racing Legend Michael Dunlop Wins Sponsorship From Iconic AuctioneersMichael has many firsts to his name but one which stands out and is now part of TT history is that he did the first sub-17-minute lap of the circuit. He clocked the first ever sub-17-minute lap of the Mountain Course – 16m 58s, at an average speed of 133.37 mph. It’s also the first time a rider has lapped at more than 133mph.

Spelling out his race philosophy Michael Dunlop says: “With me basically what you see is what you get. I say it how it is, I run a tight ship and I’m here to win, not to make up the numbers”.  And he adds: “It’s in the DNA.”

Nick Whale comments further: “Sponsoring Michael is for me the act of a friend honouring both him, his late brother, and his father who was a good friend, and also his Uncle Joey. To say that they are a remarkable family is not to say the half of it. They are motorcycle racing royalty and so it is an honour for Iconic Auctioneers to be sponsoring Michael.”

Dunlop has been as having “an aggressive style” which was “spectacular to watch”.  All eyes will once more be on him as he takes on perhaps the greatest challenge of his life to beat his Uncle Joey’s record at the Isle of Man TT setting a new record that will doubtless stand for years.

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